Sunday, July 30, 2006


i'm lame lately. and i dont know why. i've not had any mojo to scrap the last little bit and sucks ass. i NEED to create. i HAVE to. and i just CANT.
ugh. its poopie i tell ya.
so today..i'm going thru my gallery..from the very beginning. you know, just checking out how my style has changed..and you know what i noticed? that most of my lo's all look the same!! that is freakin lame!!
and the thing that bugs me the most is that i do all these challenges like hmitm,the dares that i can be pushed outside my box and its not working! i mean, its not the challenge thats to be blamed.its all me!! dur.
so i need to be pushed. i need a new way of thinking. but how do i get it. i need some inspiration, right? so i think..well i will go check out my BOS. ya. so i go. i click on peanuts. and BAM, nothing!!
and i'm like, wtf?! nothing? i had like 4 pages of peanuts yesterday. and now its empty and i dont know why!! grr. much for that idea. and now i have to try to remember who was in there!! freak. i'm mad.
and now i am peanut-less as well as inspiration-less. poop i tell ya. its poop.
so. no news beyond my whining..except to say that art is finally on his last week of nights!! yayness!! i soo can't wait to go to bed with him. whoa. that sounds naughty. and thats not even how i meant it lol.
also, olivia is going to the dentist tomorrow..the last appt we need in order to get registered for kindergarten. whoa. thats creepin up on me. sadness. are a cpl lo's i did recently:

my very first digi. its poopie. but its my first ;)

this weeks effer :D

Saturday, July 29, 2006

is it saturday already?

man. this week was draggin..and then BAM! its saturday. i've been cleaning too much today. i need to stop or someone will think i'm sick hehe.
so, i've not blogged much this week. i have no reason why..except that i haven't been scrapping much either. i dont know why. maybe its too hot or something.
anyways..thought i would use the topic challenge i saw on the gs board--have you ever been to a crop, what was it like..etc.
so i've never been to a crop..but i have been to some classes. but that was forever ago. it was ok. i mean the teacher was fine..i just didnt fit in. at least i didnt feel like i did. everyone knew eachother from their ward and well, i'm catholic. so ya. anyways. i dont do crops for 2 reasons: i'm lazy. i dont know how i would pick out and then haul my stuff somewhere. basically just that i'm lazy. the other reason is that i dont know if i could get any scrappin done if i was talkin the whole time! besides that. i'm kinda shy in person when i first meet ppl or if i dont know them at all i tend to be super duper quiet. so wouldnt that defeat the purpose? i think so. anyways..thats my story about crops/lss.
i got a few lo's done over the week, nothing fancy.
oh, and i tried my hand at digi..i cant remember if i mentioned that before..but dude it totally drained me trying to figure it out. so i'm taking a break from that cuz i couldnt get my brain to bend around all the things that need to be done or whatever. so i think that trying to figure that out like drained my mojo or something.

the scraplyric thingy. first multiphoto lo in a super long time. wasnt i cute? hehe

for the hmitm#7
about olivia's buddy/blanket :D

happy weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hello peoples!

here it is. evening once again. its dark and semi quiet. and way past my bedtime. but not too past my bedtime lol. my back and my neck and my shoulders hurt. i think the culprit is this dang computer!! it sucks me in i swear!
so yesterday i recieved my mom's bday present to me...PSE 4.0 and a webcam! woo hoo. so ya. i knew it was gonna be hard to figure out the whole digi scrapping thing. but man. does my head hurt. i've studied every tutorial i can freakin find. and ya. i'm not making much progress. tho, i did make my very first digi lo. and its super simple...but hey. at least i did one!! no big plans this week...just counting down the days till art will be off nights and we can live a normal life again.

also, on a bit of a side note...i super duper appreciate all the comments that are left..and i would super love to respond/reply back to you guys..but i dont know how!! ugh. so, if you want to tell me how, i would be more than happy!! so please please please dont think i'm a rude blogger!! i heart all of you!!

also...super big thanks to all of you who left me happy birthday wishes and to those gals who lifted me on 2ps--thank you so mucho!! i loved seeing all your guys' work!! i felt so special!

oh and i have no freakin idea why that one lo is there 3x. i only uploaded it once..and i couldnt delete the others..hmm. i think blogger no likey me today lol.

Monday, July 24, 2006

its my birthday..gonna party like its my birthday..

yep. its true. i'm old. hehe. its officially now my 28th birthday woot woot!
no big plans today..having lunch with carolyn, then heading back here to do some peain. yup. i know you are soo jealous of my super exciting life! bwaaaahahaaaa.
thank you kelly for making me smile today!! i appreciate it! and i love talking with you everyday! you're the bestest!!! i heart you mucho mucho!

so here are some other lo's i did yesterday. :D

this one sucks. cuz um. ya. the scanner didnt like me. and its all poopie like. oh well.

this one was for a color challenge--had to be monochramatic.and again. another poopie scan.

this one was to use your oldest pp and and your oldest embellie. mine was the red su pp, and the bottlecap. the pic is of my mom. i did the lo of her cuz i had been talking to her..and well. i missed her.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

im pooped!

yesterday was cha in spirit day at the pub--and man, i am wiped out!! I got up around nine..and then stayed up till 1am!! yes i'm crazy, but i wasnt alone thank goodness! I got 7 lo's posted and i won 1 rak! yahoo!! so all my scrappin paid off! Really tho i am just exhausted from all that fast scrapping. Some of the ladies were nice and gave you sneak peeks..and i kept meaning to get around to doing them..but i didnt. so i waited until their hour came up--then i typically only had about an hour or so to get the lo done. and i did it! i prob wont be able to post all of them here cuz blogger doesnt like so many pics..but i will do a few.

today is a busy day...have a birthday party for a nephew this afternoon, but before we go we have stop and get him a gift (we are horrible procrastinators) then after the party art has to go to work. so he's sleeping while i do some laundry so we can actually have some clean clothes to wear,imagine that! hehe. i also have to work on a scraplift of one of my late night chicas cuz she is celebrating her bday today! so i'm gonna *try* to get that done before we leave for the party.
oh is the last day of my being 27!! ugh. i'm getting old. i remember when my mom turned 27..and thinking, man, thats old!! lol.
speaking of mom, i talked to her on messenger yesterday, and she showed me my bday present--on her new WEBCAM! and she is sending me a webcam too!! thats not my present tho. my present is::::::::::::::pse 4.0! yippee! so excited to get to play around with editing photos and i'm even gonna try my hand at digi!!! yayness! can't wait.

have a wonderful sunday!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

yup its late

hello its like almost 3 in the morning!! yikola!!
so my kids went to the rodeo today..gotta love the days of 47 in utah! its like a 5 day holiday here right lots of fun stuff going on this weekend. while the kids were out i went to play with carolyn lol. we hit up a lss, then went to mimi's for dinner. it was nice to be sans kids for a little bit. i got a couple of lo's done..but meh. i dont think my mojo's back yet. one is a scraplift of kelly..and the other is for carolyn--its her sons bday tomorrow..or um today as the case may be. lol
not many plans for this is off tomorrow so we will prob bum around the house..then saturday im scrappin all day long at the pub!! there is going to be a CHA thingy goin on and i can't wait to get my scrap on!! lots of yummy prizes to play for..but mostly i'm just lame and have no life, so i will be there all day! my head hurts for the freakin sdlkjdsf day in a row!!! ugh. i need some excedrin cuz the aleve aint workin!

peace out!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


i hate coming up with titles. i mean you'd kinda think that coming up with titles for lo's would be helpful here..but no. its not. its super hard for me.

didnt do a whole heck of a lot today..ran a couple errands, which really just means that i went the lss. hehe. i had a punch card that was all filled up and burning a whole in my i decided to hit the heartland up in bountiful since i always go to the one in taylorsville. well, i can't say that i've been missing much. or is it that i just have too much already so that nothing else appeals to me? i dunno! but i seriously doubt that! so after that i ran up to the memories outlet cuz i haven't been there in ages..and i found a ton of stuff i'd love to buy, of course! hehe. but i didnt have big budget i just picked up some stickers and browsed around. i definitely plan on heading up there again soon!!

so i totally forgot to mention that one of my lo's was picked as a fave for the number challenge!! i was so surprised to see that, and happy of course! thanks chicas!!

k, now the challenge in the pub for blogging today is this: Share your birthdate, and Create a 3x10 list: 10 favorite birthday memories, 10 favorite birthday gifts, 10 ways you'd love to be pampered on your next birthday!
now, this is perfect timing cuz my bday is only 5 days away!! yikes.

so, my 10 fave bday memories, if i can think of that many :0
in no particular order:
1.getting my strawberry shortcake bike for my 5th bday
2.having a life sized care bear cake on my 7th bday
3.being surprised with a trip to magic mountain with my bf on my 14th bday
4.having all my friends celebrate with me at lagoon for my 15th bday hopping on my 21st bday with my very bestest non drinking friend
6.watching the fireworks at sugarhouse park with art--then walking back to the car at his mom's house where she surprised me with a yummy cake!
7.being woken up to a dozen roses and having art and the girls sing me happy birthday.
8.spending all day in bed watching QVC on scrappin day and ordering whatever i wanted!! having to go out of town but coming back with a tiara for me..his princess :) 27th bday was the first bday i spent with my dad. and by far was prob the worst bday of my for my mom being there with me. i had never ever felt so unspecial or unrecognized in my entire life. thankfully, mom was there, and we spent the day at the beach. :)

10 favorite bday gifts--man. i dunno if i can remember!! but i'll give it a whirl!
2.strawberry shortcake bike

um ok. it seems in my old age i can't remember gifts! i feel horrible!!

10 ways i'd love to be pampered:
1. have all my family and friends over for a bbq
2. be let loose in a lss of my choice ;)
3. spend the day at the spa getting made over
4. getting a 4 hand massage at said spa ;)
5. being let loose at the mac counter

ok. so i only needed 5. lol

in reality..what would make me the happiest is having the ppl i care about most be with me. i just would like to know that i'm loved, and someone cares about me. thats all. the gifts are nice..but really..i just want the gift of time. i wish my mom could be here. i wish my friend arlene were here. i wish art didnt have to work that night so we could go watch the fireworks. i wish my il's hadn't left me out of the bday celebration this last weekend. thats. all.

Monday, July 17, 2006


hehe. i feel like its been forever since i blogged! i guess it kinda has been tho. i hate weekends..cuz i just dont have a normal schedule. oh well.
this weekend was busy with a bday party for art and my was a lot of fun..and really wet! we had water guns and people getting thrown in the pool! total fun, and yes, i forgot my camera. again. i'm horrible!!

i did a cpl lo's for the dare and one for the hmitm challenge. and can i just say that the dare was really fun. i would never have thought to scrap my catch phrase..'fo rizzle'! and i also say 'yo' a lot. i dont know why. maybe i was supposed to be a rapper. lol. i even have my kids saying it hehe. i'm so eveeeeeel.

nothing much to report besides the fact that its hot as we are staying indoors for the most part. totally crappy for the kids cuz they are dying to get out..but its just too hot. and the toys are hot. vicious cycle.

oh and a cpl of these lo's are for the dt at enjoy!!

peace out!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

my mojo is flowin!!

2 lo's yesterday. 2 lo's today..i think i like this!! i dont know where this surge of mojo came from, but i'm keepin it doggone it!! hehe.
the lo titled 'happy girl' is a scraplift of my late night chica dena (momtozoe)...happy bday girl!!!

yesterday's challenge on the gs board was to talk about your favorite tv show, cancelled or not. and I dont know that i have just one. i mean. i really really miss friends. it was the bestest show ever!! it was funny, it was sappy, it was witty, it was sad. it had it all. but, i also will miss will & grace. that show was heee-larious! i still watch it everyday. i also really super miss sex and the city! miss the shoes, the real girl talk. i miss it.
i think there are too many shows to mention just one. i mean. i miss frasier for goodness sakes!! lol. but my number one hands down missed show:

beverly hills 90210!!
yes. i admit it. i luuuuuurve that show to this day. i still watch reruns. i loved me some dylan!! yummo! and i was a fan of brenda. and i hated kelly. well i hated her until she got with brandon. then i liked her. but then i hated her when she went all druggo. then i liked her again. but that is why i loved it!! something to look forward to every week. not to mention that i grew up with that show. altho, it is kinda funny to watch the really old episodes and i used to think those clothes were soo cool!! lol. ya right!!!

happy friday to ya!!!


i've been busy scrappin my heart out!!
and yesterday was art's bday :)
we're not really celebrating till saturday, but i did a lo of his old truck. well its not old. but we havent owned it in a long time lol.

i dont have tons to say except my mojo is back and flowin! so thats total yayness!!

happy thursday!

Monday, July 10, 2006

the abc's of mo...

i have some new lo's to share today! yippee! i actually scrapped 2 in one day :0

the challenge in the pub today was to do the abc's of me and to post a pic..but since one of the lo's has a pic of me, i'm not posting one hehe.

a:: artistic. argumentative. ambitious.
b:: bitchy. brunette
c:: creative. caring. chatterbox
d:: debate lover. dancer *when no one is watching*
e:: eclectic. expressive.
f:: fashionista. friend. foxy! hehe
g:: goal oriented. glamorous <----kelly said so
h:: hot headed. home maker
i:: intelligent. imaginative. inquisitive. insane.
j:: joker. jealous.
k:: kind. kids. or at least i have them. hehe.
l:: loving. lazy.
m:: MAC lover!! mother.
n:: nosey!!!
o:: observant. open minded.
p:: punctual
q:: questioner of everything
r:: right! hehe. thats what art would say!
s:: sexy. sassy. shopaholic
t:: trustworthy. trusting. too much so.
u:: unique. at least i think so.
v:: vibrant!!
w:: wife. worrier. weird
x:: umm...x? hehe
y:: young :P
z:: zany.

and thats me folks!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

yo peeps!!

so you know how i said that art and i were going on a date? ya. we went to dinner. it was cool. yummy steak. but um. no movie. why you ask? well. i couldnt get the tickets on fandango because the theaters we wanted to go werent available for online purchase. so i thought. hmm. there are a lot of we can prob just get in. ya right!! so. we didnt get to see it. so sad. kinda felt like our date night was cut short..cuz we didnt know what to do since we couldnt see that movie and we didnt have any backup plans. bummerness.

anyways..came home and kinda did some organizing of all my new goodies and gave them a home :D and also got a lo done! i need to get my butt in gear. ever since olivia's bday its been hard for me to scrap. first i was busy with the prep of the bday. then i got sick. and i'm still sick. but i can't take not scrapping! i think its actually making me more sick to not scrap. is that possible? hmm. i think so!! lol.

and i found out that registration for kindergarten is coming up next starts the 25 of august!! and when i saw that i was like omg!! i'm sooo not ready for that! i kinda figured she wouldnt be starting until like september for some reason. and now its like a month away. i'm sad. and i gotta hurry and get her an appt with a dentist. lol. i soo procrastinate its not even funny.

peace out!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


so i'm still sick. ick. ick ick. hehe. i like to rhyme. i have a new lo..and with it my mojo is back!! last night i was up until almost 4 trying to finish up on a swap---yes. i'm the worst kind of procrastinator! lol. i've known about it for like a month, but why do today what i can put off until next month i always say. lol

yesterday i got the most awesome ss package evah!! Shantay, you are the bestest!! I *heart* you--you were totally so generous!! over generous if you ask me..and you said i still have another package!?! craziness. so i used what she sent me to make this lo from yesterday.

i have a ton of packages to mail out here's to hoping i make it to the post office before they close ;) later tonight art and i are going on a date yay! actually, its more of an early celebration of his bday which is this coming wednesday. but he works that night so we are going to dinner and then to see Pirates of the Caribbean!!

happy saturday!

peace out!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

is it friday yet?

is it me, or is this week incredibly long? ok. maybe its just me. i didnt get a day off..but then i dont work ;) so technically everyday is friday. or saturday rather.

i didnt do a dang thing today. nothing. nada. oh wait. i lie. i did do 1 and half lo's for Diversity. but thats it. nothing else. i'm just not feeling like doing anything..i think i need more rest. my throat still freakin hurts!! geez its like going on a week already. i guess it would help if i took some medicine on a regular basis tho huh? hehe..
ok, so the challenge on the pub is to blog about manners..manners you were taught as child..etc. how have they changed.

so for me..i was taught that children should be seen and not heard. i was taught never to interrupt ppl speaking. i was taught that i respect all my elders as if they were god. i was taught to *always* knock on the door before entering any room. always say please and thank you. speak when spoken to. never ever talk back to my mom. ever. never disresepect my mom. especially in front of other ppl. always be polite and act grownup when there was company over. never ever touch anything when we went places. always ask permission to use the restroom/for a drink when out. never walk on the neighbors lawn. never speak to adults (company) unless they speak to me first.

okay, thats all i can remember at the moment..but i'm sure there are a ton more. my mom was very strict with me. she was a single i'm sure that made the job double hard. i always thought i was a good kid..cuz you know she put the fear of god in me! i dont feel like the manners have changed for me. i mean, i still do all of those things..except, i'm the adult now so i can speak when i'm not spoken to ;)

what i've noticed as far as trying to instill that in my kids. i mean, i think i'm prob just as mean as my mom was back then..but my kids just dont get it. granted, they are still young. but i feel like when i was a kid i was way more mature than my kids are now. and maybe thats because i was an only child. or maybe my mom was meaner lol. (sorry mom, but you know i love ya!)

art is the same way as me..his parents are very old school in their parenting beliefs...and while i believe that you do have to make adjustments for the change in the times..i also believe that there are 'core' manners that are a must! like for instance. the kids in my neighborhood are freakin brats. they walk down the street eating their chips..or ice cream or soda...they notice they are done eating/drinking..and just drop whatever container it is. right there. on the ground. RUDE!! they cuss. a lot. in front of me. they dont use crosswalks..ok, i dont know if that is having manners or not..but i'll tell ya. i'm gonna run one of them over just cuz one of these days. they think they own the freaking road playing soccer or whatever. lets see...with my kids i notice they interrupt ppl talking a lot. especially when i'm on the phone or have company over. its like having company over gives them free rule to act as horrid as possible. its so embarrassing. and i swear my kids aren't really that bad..i think they just like to see if they can get away with it. my youngest..maya. she is gonna be trouble!! she talks back. she calls me stinky. but i dont know why! lol. oh and she sticks her tongue out at me when she is being reprimanded. that would've been a giant no no when i was a kid. and its still a giant no no..but i dont know how to get her to stop!

ok..well that was a ginormous post. i had no idea i had so much to say bout manners! lol. and now you all think my children are psycho horrible and that i'm like crazy demanding! but i swear neither is true!

peace out ya'lls!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


seriously need some blogger help!! do you see my sidebar? oh, you dont? well if you scroll alll the way down to the bottom...yup. there it is. how in the heck do i get it back to its rightful place?? ugh. i wasted most of my afternoon trying to figure it out to no avail. i've never pretended to be a tekkie...;)

in other news..i'm still sick. no lo for today. that doesnt make me feel better. dont get me wrong..i have ideas to scrap..just no motivation. and i dont think my mojo is back yet either. ugh.

so today was pretty laid back tho. got the girls' slip in slide set up--its one of those that you have to fill up with air first...ya. the kids liked jumping on it more than actually sliding. go figure. and i should've taken pictures..but then that would have been so unlike me! hehe.

here's some randomness: i have naturally curly/wavy hair. the last few years i've straightened it..simply because it was 'in style' or whatever. but every summer i hate getting the straightner thingy out...and doing sections blah blah blah. its just too hot. i mean, i start sweating bullets and i'm only like half way thru. so, i decide to get me some aussie sprunch spray--the only stuff that seems to hold the curl in my hair without it being frizzy. and it only takes like 5 minutes to diffuse it. drawback? ya. my hair gets all crunchy. and shiny. like i have gerry curls or somethin...cept they're crunchy not oily. so what do i do?? i need good curly enhancer stuff that wont be so dang crunchy..or i need to suck up the heat and just straighten my hair. but then i get tired of looking the same everyday, kwim? so, if you read this far, and you have curly hair..tell me, whats your secret?? puhleese!! i beg of you!!

i've been sick!!

sick! can you believe that? here it is summer and i have a cold!! a freakin sore throat, plugged up ears and nose..ugh. well, i've been trying to convince myself all day long that i feel better..and so far i've been ok. I at least got a page done!! woo hoo for me!!

so today is the 4th!! happy freedom to us :) and thanks to all the soldiers keeping it that way for me and my family!!

nothing too special going on today for us..just going to relax around the house..maybe put up the slip and slide for the girls. not sure yet because it might rain we'll see.

so..i've been mia for a few days and i dont have much to say..except hello and good bye! hehe. see ya tomorrows and have a happy and safe holiday!!