Tuesday, July 04, 2006


seriously need some blogger help!! do you see my sidebar? oh, you dont? well if you scroll alll the way down to the bottom...yup. there it is. how in the heck do i get it back to its rightful place?? ugh. i wasted most of my afternoon trying to figure it out to no avail. i've never pretended to be a tekkie...;)

in other news..i'm still sick. no lo for today. that doesnt make me feel better. dont get me wrong..i have ideas to scrap..just no motivation. and i dont think my mojo is back yet either. ugh.

so today was pretty laid back tho. got the girls' slip in slide set up--its one of those that you have to fill up with air first...ya. the kids liked jumping on it more than actually sliding. go figure. and i should've taken pictures..but then that would have been so unlike me! hehe.

here's some randomness: i have naturally curly/wavy hair. the last few years i've straightened it..simply because it was 'in style' or whatever. but every summer i hate getting the straightner thingy out...and doing sections blah blah blah. its just too hot. i mean, i start sweating bullets and i'm only like half way thru. so, i decide to get me some aussie sprunch spray--the only stuff that seems to hold the curl in my hair without it being frizzy. and it only takes like 5 minutes to diffuse it. drawback? ya. my hair gets all crunchy. and shiny. like i have gerry curls or somethin...cept they're crunchy not oily. so what do i do?? i need good curly enhancer stuff that wont be so dang crunchy..or i need to suck up the heat and just straighten my hair. but then i get tired of looking the same everyday, kwim? so, if you read this far, and you have curly hair..tell me, whats your secret?? puhleese!! i beg of you!!


Francine said...

Hope you feel better soon, it sucks to have no mojo. and for the curly hair thing check out www.naturallycurly.com

Adrienne said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Robyn said...

The curly thing drives me crazy too! ARGHHHHHH! The problem with mine is that it's very curly everywhere except for my bangs and two chunks on the side of my head so it looks like I've got a bad bad PERM! I usually straighten mine and if not, pony tail or twist it in a clip and scrunch the top. Sorry not a lot of help!

SageHen said...

I would give you advice about the curly hair but I have the opposite problem. Sorry, you don't have any sympathy from me.

Sofia said...

Your sidebar looks fine to me.

I hope you fell better soon. Summer colds suck!