Thursday, February 12, 2009

some randomness..

something that i dont usually have a problem with, is talking. or writing. but lately, i guess words just arent coming easily to me. i can't think of anything fun or happy to write i'm just gonna let some words spill from my brain. brain vomit, if you will :)

* i think i'm depressed. can i even say that? given the fact that i'm bipolar? of course i'm depressed LOL. maybe its SAD, but i doubt it. on the bright side, i did scrap a few pages the other day. it was so fun..i think i've forgotten how much i used to love it. need to start making that more of a habit again.

*today was a bit of a shitty day--drama at work, which can i just say, at 30 years old, i never thought i'd be going through; at least not like this. it has really changed my whole outlook on my job, and makes it so that i hate being there. i think i just trust people so easily, and once i find out that you've backstabbed me, or questioned my work ethic--well, i just can't forgive that. i just can't. no, i dont think i'm perfect, i know that people talk, or gossip. whatever you want to call it; but there is talking..and then there is know, like where you are maliciously saying something to upset people. sigh..enough of that. i've wasted enough of this week on that bullshit.

*anyways, so, we live in an old house. and this house, well, its falling apart. Art's gma used to live here, and apparantly much of the upkeep was neglected. within 6 months of us moving in (this was 3 years ago), the furnace broke. so, my inlaws of course blame us. because when gma lived here, the furnace was just fine. okay..whatever. then the next month, the plumbing started acting up. it was horrible. 2 weeks with no water, no showers, toilet. they had to tear up the drive way to fix whatever was wrong. AGAIN, the inlaws say, it must be something we are doing..because of course, when gma lived here, no problems! duh. i mean, here is this 70ish y.o. lady, living by herself, for like, i dont know, 30 years?? yeah, i'm sure there were no problems--but then you move in an active family of 4--voila!
so yeah, the plumbing has been acting up since like around xmas i think. i'm stressed about it..because for one, its really inconvienient to not have access to certain utilities in your own home. of course, there's my inlaws who live about 10mins away..we can use their facilities..right? no, not without them complaining about it. sheesh. they act as if we WANT things to stop working! oh yes, can we please drag our 2 children, plus ourselves to your house, with towels, toilietries, and clothes?? can we please beg my 6 year old to poop at your house, because she wont be able to later at home? i mean, come on people! but, luckily..i have one amazing, die hard hubby..he worked his butt off all day trying to fix the plumbing on his own..and he did it!! i'm so glad i can now pee at home again LOL

wow, this post was kinda lame..but its better than nothing..
i think.