Monday, January 22, 2007

its a card thing..

went cropping on friday, made 14 cards. which really aint much. but if you consider that i spent the first 3 hours chit chatting, and the last hour scrappin, its actually probably good lol.

went scrappy shopping on saturday with becki.. and that was a blast! we went to the memories store in bountiful, then went to a little store in the avenues, but unfortunately we missed them by about 15mins. darn! so i'll have to try to remember to make it up there next time i head out. we also went to heartland and pebbles because both stores were having sales...and they were pretty good. got stuff i didnt really need, but really wanted :)

oh, and went to joanns to pick up some felt so i can make my own shapes, cuz i'm not liking paying 8.50 a bottle for flowers!! however, .14cents a sheet i like a lot! lol.

so theres a new addition over there on the sidebar----->
called 'its a card thing'. thats my etsy shop where i'll be selling some cards! i've been selling them here and there for a while, and then my friend kelly suggested i check out etsy and setup i did! its pretty cute and doesnt have much in it, but i hope to be adding at least 1-3 cards a day to it, so check them out please :) the card up there ^^ is one that is there now :)
hope ya have a great monday!

Friday, January 19, 2007

.this is mike.

this picture is heeeelarious. seriously. this is mike. he and art have been best friends since like, i dont know. junior high i think. anyhoo. mike is a very unique individual, to say the least lol. hes you know, average height, buddha belly. navajo indian. i call him the big fat indian. he loves the name. and recognizes that its a term of endearment. and hes a hardcore rocker to his very bones. seriously. even drives a trans am. hehe.
this pic was taken at olivia's bday party this summer, and someone was making balloon animals. well, this one came out lookin a little naughty, if you kwim..and he put it on and was rockin out. hehe. it was so dang funny. im so glad i got a pic of it.
so yesterday i pouted. i wanted to eat out. and art didnt. now, we dont eat out often, and usually when we do, its just someplace like wendys. nothing fancy. if you know me, then you know, that when i get an idea in my head, my mind is made up and i want it like yesterday lol. sounds a little silly when it comes to talking about food, but hey. its fast. its easy. and there are no dishes to do afterwards. which are all perfect reasons to eat out if you ask me. lol. so i called him early in evening, so that he wouldnt make dinner. but he didnt answer. so i text him. and no response. so finally i get a hold of him about 30 mins before i get off work. now in my head, i knew that he had already made dinner. but i was just hanging on to this small thread of hope, that he hadnt and we could eat out. but no. he made spaghetti. and i pouted. all night actually. well unless you consider this pouting lol. anyways, what got me thinking about this, was a post on 2ps about your 5 favorite restaurants, which led me to think about what to have for lunch today...and then ya. so i thought i'd list my faves.

1.mimis (love love the turkey dinner, as well as the yummy raisin bread)

2.the other place (a very cozy greek cafe. chicken pasta salad to die for!)

3.desert edge brewery (cool little brewery, i go there for the chef salad..yummo!)

4.spaghetti factory (cheap. great meatballs. whoa. that sounds a little dirty hehe.)

5.wienerschnitzel (dont laugh at me, but man. i looooove the chili cheese dogs there!! so freaking good.)

so there ya have it. my little rant for the day. and now that i've made this list, i'm hungry..but have no clue still what to do for lunch lol.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

dont you want to be rich and famous?

this is what olivia said to maya, after counting all their change in their piggy bank, maya suggested they go to 7-11 and get a treat....but olivia said no. how will we be rich and famous if we spend our money?!
hehe. man. the things kids say. too bad i can't save money the way she does :P

so its been a week of adjustment around here with art being on nights. its not too bad. i mean, hes home during the day. which the kids like. but. hes not here at night. duh. and i hate sleeping alone. and really, i'm really really afraid of the dark. in fact. i hear noises. maybe even dead people. seriously. why is it, that when i'm home alone, thats when i hear freaky noises?!! why?! i mean. hello! i'm an insomniac. and i get spooked easily. so you know this girl aint sleeping much without the hubs around. ugh. this is going to be a looooooong 6 weeks.

and before i need to go check out color your memories cuz my designs are up people!! this kit is soo cute! loved playing with all the primas, thickers and dream street papers! super fun and sweet for valentines.
oh, and that layout up there ^^^^^ is of maya. that picture has been sitting on my desk since LAST YEAR. seriously. no joke. i just never got around to scrapping it till today. and can i tell you how much i love that modern romance by daisy d's?! seriously in love with it. seriously seriously. dude, i think i like that word.
anyhoo, going scrappy shopping this weekend since there are a few sales going on at heartland and pebbles. can't wait. i'm going with some mommies from the slc mommies board , so if you live in or around the slc area, you should definitely check this message board out! i've made lots of friends and i love all the support there. its greatness.

ok i think i've rambled enough. have a lovely thursday :D

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

dont talk..just listen

uh ya. so i got my haircut...and i didnt like it. so i went back and had it cut again. and so far..i think i like it. i had it cut into an a-line..its cute. but hard for me to get used to.
anyhoo..i've been scrappin, but can't share what i'm working on just yet. art is going to nights next week! ugh. i hate when hes on nights. i hate sleeping alone. i'm scared of the dark lol. gonna be interesting for me to work when hes on nights, but we're gonna try to make it work. (whoa, that sentence had the word 'work' in it a lot.)

hope everyone's doing good!

this lo is for this weeks effer scrap about last year, or the new year.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

got gas?

excuse me while i TOOOT!! i was just asked to be the VERY FIRST guest designer over at color your memories
!!! I am so excited and so flattered!! thank you so much keianna!! i can't wait to design with that yummy cute kit!

and here is the pic i promised of olivia without her tooth! what a cutie!

hate to post and run...but its raining and theres this perfect chill in the air that just makes me want to do SOMETHING! maybe i'll scrap..or maybe i'll clean, not sure yet!

happy thursday!!