Friday, March 30, 2007

the routine..

loved the idea of the challenge over at the pub..whats your normal?
for me..its complicated of course lol. my schedule/routine changes when i have to work
but, i still try to have a routine anyways. get olivia up for school, feed/play with olivia with homework; check my email, mommy board and pea :D and somewhere in there i manage to do some laundry and maybe dishes lol. yes, i'm lazy and would rather indulge myself/and the girls with much more fun things than chores ;) everyday for lunch i either have a turkey sandwich or a pb&j. maya always has bologna. she is a child of routine! its pretty funny actually. every morning she has either toast or a bagel--never ever cereal. nope, no way. she wont hear of it.
olivia on the other hand, likes to have variety..everyday she likes to have a different kind of cereal, or maybe a poptart. and for lunch she likes different things too--sometimes she'll have bologna..but its really more of a last resort. her first choice is always a quesadilla, or mac n cheese, sometimes pb&j. and lately shes been liking hot pockets lol. but never leftovers. try as i might, she wont touch them. can't really say i blame her tho, i hate leftovers too. dont know why..but i do. i guess she gets that from me huh? once its about 4pm..i start doing more housework, since thats about the time i need to start getting dinner ready and making sure art is up (yes, hes still working nights! grrr) we usually sit down to eat dinner about 5:30-6 so that art can leave about 6:45ish. then its just me and the girls again. sometimes we'll watch tv together, but thats getting pretty rare. they'd rather listen to music and get rowdy since i usually try to keep them pretty quiet while art sleeps. and let me tell aint easy keeping 2 girls quiet for that long lol. by 8:30 they are pretty tuckered..and they head to bed. then i get a little bit of time to myself before i head to bed at around 11ish. i used to sb at night..but lately i've not been in the mood so i've been organizing instead hehe.

so yeah. thats my days in a nutshell. nothing exciting. but its my life. and i love it. :) i love that i get to be home with my girls most days..just chillaxin. thats the best.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

i dont like being teased

i really dont. especially when it has to do with the weather! last week it was all
nice and in the 60-70's. which totally gets me in the mood for shopping.
ok i wont lie..i dont need a reason to get in the mood to shop. but really, warm weather=new sandals.
for reals. like these ones::

but um yeah. it suddenly got super ass cold. and it pretended to snow. which is fine..bc then
i dont have to shovel. ok you caught me. i dont shovel. but at least i dont have to bug art to
shovel bwahahaaha. so now its supposed to be nice again this weekend and i cant wait.
oh and those shoes up there..arent they cute? but yeah. they are $75 ouch! yep. so i'm on
this quest to find shoes similar to that but for waaaaay less. lol. i'm thinking i might hit up
old navy for these..bc they are kinda similar, but not really lol ::

so thats whats on my mind today. oh, and the new hambly. but yeah. can't find those birdes, chandeliers or robots anywhere!! if you know where to find it..hook a sista up! please! :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

you spin me right round baby..right round...

so in my absence..i've been somewhat crafty. not like super..but ya. you know what i mean. i just finished this little spinning rack yesterday with arts help. and i guess its not really little either. its about 40inches high i think. i'm not good with measurements lol. so i spent most of last night getting all my embellies on there..and its kinda making me want to scrap. which is good :) and um ignore the crooked pic.

the other crafty thing i did was this::

picked it up at the DI for a buck. it was navy blue. and actually pretty cute. but i really felt like painting i guess lol. so here it is in all its bad picture/lighting glory. i love all the buttons. and i love the color combo. not that it matches anything in my scrap area. but whatev! i dig it.
i feel like i'm hungover. like i slept like crap last night..and yeah. i'm feeling it right now. not to mention that this weekend just tore me up. saturday me and a friend from the mommy board did a sb garage sale..and yeah. after that we did an all night crop. yes we are insane lol. it was fun..but really freakin exhausting. but on the bright side i made some cash and got about 8 lo's done! wahoo me! :D sunday my friend c came over and we chilled and had bbq bc the weather was just fab. it was so nice to just sit on the front lawn drinkin our chai teas and pretending that we were anywhere but at my house listening to our kids argue lmao. it was priceless. then yesterday i got this ginormous bug up my butt to deep clean the house. yep. so yeah, my house was pretty and sparkling for about 2 seconds. blech.
anyways..i'm off to pickup olivia from school, whom by the way has another loose tooth! i cant believe it!!
ooh and today is c's bday. gotta a cute card in mind for her..and then we will celebrate this weekend.
ciao! :D

Thursday, March 08, 2007

i am so tired of this funk i'm in dude. i mean, i really seriously dont even feel like myself. i really hope that i'll feel better once its not winter. or maybe i'll get out of my funk when we find out whats going on with my momma. so far the news is getting better. :)

did this scrappage last night for dare 60. i dig it. took those pics yesterday in the back yard while the girls were swinging. such a pretty day. i even did some weeding. well actually, the 3 of us girls did some weeding. they are such good helpers! so i took them to mcd's as a reward after we were done. but before we went to mcd's i wanted to stop by the store and pick up a mag to look at. unfortunately there were not any out that i didnt already have! doh! hehe. so i stopped by 2 other stores before i found one i didnt have--which happened to be memory makers. i dont know why..but i just dont dig on that mag too much. too much writing, too many ads and just not enough lo's. ok, so i do know why i dont dig on it. lol.

the challenge on the pub today was to take a pic of the stuff inside your purse and post it. but i'm working, so no cam. i guess a list will have to do!

  • wallet with too many reciepts and not enough money. go figure! lol
  • cranberry body butter
  • bottle of water
  • strawberry poptart (breakfast )
  • checkbook
  • make up bag with my mac compact and my new fave mac lipgloss called viva glam
  • cellphone
  • eyeglass cleaner
  • eye drops (for my dry contacts lol)
  • a few pink ponytail holders
  • 3 bobby pins
  • mirror
  • 3 more lipglosses (yes i'm addicted, 2 of them are pinkarat, cuz one is almost empty. and the other one is tutti dolci in cinnamon frosting)
  • hairspray
  • 2 packages of gum (well technically, only one. cuz the one package only has one piece left in it)
  • my nano (when i say nano, it makes me think of mork and mindy. when mork would say 'nanoo nanoo!')
  • a pen
  • some aunt flo products (ugh)
  • black raspberry vanilla antibacterial lotion
  • hand sanitizer (cuz i'm a mom and germ freak sometimes)

and there you have it. i carry everything but the kitchen sink lol.

happy thursday!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

thursday blah..

this lovely little number is a lift of the fab marcilambert, who has stepped down from doing the load. gonna miss her.
i'm feelin blah. maybe its the weather. i dont know.
i even wore a bright yellow shirt today to cheer me up and it didnt work. oh and the new kits are up at poppy ink and scrapologie and even those didnt cheer me up. geez! however, the kits for april at zingboom have certainly got my attention..

maybe i'm feelin all off because i've been off running errands and whatnot the last few days, so i havent been able to just be home and chillax. cuz right now i'm really missing that. which is ironic because i usually can't wait to get out of the house lol.

this week i did some shopping--got the girls some new jeans because olivia has just been tearin hers up lately. bunch of holes in the knees. drives me batty lol. went to the huge macy's sale here in town, got some fab boots for like 10bucks, a couple of shirts and a george forman grill. i think that was the best purchase all week--art loves that thing! the first thing we made was burgers, and man, they were thick and delicious. then yesterday he grilled up some sliced turkey breast for me and the girls, and he had porkchops. gotta love it when i dont have to cook! hehe

got some sad news from my mom the other day. and i dont know if i'm ready to share it right now since we dont know exactly whats going on..but it is health if you could send some p&pt that would be awesome.

k, i'm out.