Monday, May 18, 2009

uhh..what? **warning..long story**

so on wednesdays, we've been watching my nephew play baseball at the park by our house. its been really fun(i think i love the hot dogs and fries the best), and its nice to do something fun with the kids during the week. anyways, so we're sitting in the bleachers, watching the game, when all of a sudden there is this ginormous crash--definitely a car accident. btw, we live on a super duper busy street, so accidents happen here and there. but when I heard it, I was like, omg, that sounds like its right in front of our house! so art goes running out to the street to check out, and comes back. says he didnt see anything.
so we go on watching the game. about a half hour later I decide its time for me to go home and start dinner, so I bring the kids with me so they could get ready to shower as well. typically, I go in our front door, but for some reason when we left, we used the back door, so thats where I went. I get inside, I'm making dinner(tacos), and watching the very last episode of Friends..which I havent seen since the original airing years ago--so I'm totally enthralled in watching Rachel and Ross get back together lol. Olivia comes running 0ver and tells me there is someone at the door, which I didnt hear bc the tv was up loud; so its my neighbor. He speaks spanglish--which I'm not too fluent in. He's asking if we are okay, and then points to the street saying something about an accident. I tell him, that yes we're fine, we'd heard the accident, but didnt see anything. at this point, I'm kinda confused, bc we werent in the accident, so I dont know why hes asking if we are ok.
anyways, he goes on, saying something about his wife crying--and then he points to his house. thats when I see it. our fence. its on the ground. i'm like..uhh what? so I go outside, and there is their F150, IN my house. yeah, IN it. I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but she drove through my fence, into the house, where our bedroom is. Thankfully she is fine, no one was injured (save for the fence and house). now the fun part. it seems that he doesnt want to go through the insurance. which, would be his auto insurance. we called our home owners ins. ppl, and they said that they cant do anything. I'm kinda pissed, bc the guy is saying that he wants to fix it himself--which, hey, if he were a licensed contractor or something, I'd be all for. but I'm pretty sure hes not. I know he does do lots of stuff around his house, but that isnt good enough to me. anyways, I'm all stressed out--I mean, there isnt like a ton of damage inside; the wall is cracked right where my window sits, so the sill is like coming apart, I guess. the crack goes all the way down to the baseboard, right where our outlet is at. Its not exposed to the outside though, so I guess thats good. but what if the frame is all jacked up or something? i keep going through what if's. urgg. so, that was my week..and here are pics of all the excitement. oh, and as an aside, he moved the truck before I could get pics of it actually in my house. lame.