Friday, August 29, 2008


finally friday. what a long week its been. olivia started school on tuesday. she is now a proud 2nd grader!

I've been a zombie most of the week--I work until about 3 in the morning, and then get the kids up for school at 6:30. Maya starts Kindergarten on Wednesday and she just can't wait. Although she does think that all of her friends from Pre-K will be in her new class. I havent quite broken the news to her yet lol.

I thought I'd share a few pics from the drive home from California--we stopped in Morro Bay, and then also Pismo Beach because Art lived there for a few years when he was in high school. When I started looking through all of the photos, I realized how much I seem to like toes in the sand! I had no idea I'd taken so many, but at least now I have somthing to scrapbook about, right? I think I got some good shots, and I can't wait to see how good they look after I edit them.

also, dont forget to come and check out It Takes All Kinds, I posted my intro this afternoon :)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

here she is..

this is where she rests now. as soon as I saw this box, I knew it was perfect for her. Its this beautiful dark wood with these intricate flowers/vines carved in the lid. the photo really doesnt do it justice at all; and i really love that it has a place for a photo right in the center.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Procrastination is my middle name

I've been avoiding this follow up post for a while. What can I possibly say after losing my mom? Everything seems to pale in comparison right now, and to be honest, I'm almost tired of even thinking about it anymore. I miss her, more than any words could ever describe...she creeps into my every thought, the constant reminder that I will never be able to call and ask her advice, or even seek comfort. It kills me inside, these thoughts. But life goes on still, doesnt it? That hurts me too. I catch myself somedays laughing, or enjoying the girls--and I think thats wrong. Its not fair that we are creating memories that she isnt part of. I guess thats part of the grieving, feeling that everything is unfair. I took a picture of the box she is resting in, but I forgot my cord for my camera, so maybe I'll upload it tomorrow.

I do have some other news to share! I was invited to be apart of this. When I recieved the email from Fran, I was so touched that she thought of me--and then when I saw the list of the girls who will be making this blog happen--well my jaw about hit the floor! So much talent, and I'm truly flabbergasted to be amongst them. So keep checking back in, I'll be posting my intro on Friday :D

Also my best friend Carolyn and I are participating in this on Sept. 6. Her dad is living with Alzheimer's, and its so painful to watch her go through this with her family. He is truly one of the happiest people I've ever met, and I'm so honored to be able to do this with her. Please feel welcome to donate, even if its not to her.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

My hands look like hers..

But I'm still glad I thought to take a photo of them anyways.
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

She's gone..

She left this world, left the pain behind, and moved on to a more
beautiful place. I miss her so much, it happened too fast. Everything
around me is demanding my attention.. All I want is to sleep so I can
see her in my dreams, hug her, hold her and hear her beautiful voice.

I miss you so much, mom. I love you more than any words could ever
express. I hope to make you proud, and to raise my daughters to be
strong, loving and passionate women--just like you. Visit me in my
dreams, and know you are always on my mind and in my heart.


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