Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i actually got it up in time!

i know, hard to believe for those that know me, because i procrastinate so much. but yes, the tree was up in time for christmas. i actually got it up with 2 days to spare lol. i have to admit that putting up the tree is one of my least favorite things to do (ranks right up there with taking it down)..but once we do get it up and decorated, its just beautiful. and i could sit there for hours and just look at it. which i usually do, becauase i'm a dork like that. :P

christmas was a blur, as always it came too fast, spent too much, ate too much and didnt sleep nearly enough. i swear, i went to work this morning as a zombie! and i even had the luxury (not!) of taking the girls with me, who were surprisingly well behaved. i am really blessed to have an employer that understands the life of a working mom! every friday maya gets to go with me into the office for a few hours while i get stuff done. but since both girls are out of school for xmas break they had to come in with me today, which is fine as long as they stay quiet or i can't concentrate. plus i dont like them to bother other people, otherwise they may not be as welcome next time, kwim?

so now i'm home for the afternoon and i can't decide if i should nap or eat some of the goodies leftover from xmas. i'm thinking nap..but the girls keep asking me to open up more of their presents so they can play with them. i have boxes everywhere..and those damn little grey twisty things. you know the dumb things they put on the EVERY toy ever made to keep it from shifting in the box. i hate those. they suck. but today i was feeling generous (ha!), so i opened 2 toys for the girls. here are some pics of the girls opening some gifts xmas morning::

maya got a new gameboy for xmas as they had been
sharing my old they both also got gameboy games

the 'big' gift was this little 'city' for their LPS toys

olivia writing in her new journal that grammy lisa
sent. the girls and i cried as i read the letters that
she wrote to each of them. we missed her a lot this year.

and here is art with his new electric razor thingy.
gotta love that million dollar smile!

and i guess that about sums up the last couple of days! now i'm hoping for some relaxing time..and then maybe i'll feel like cleaning up my desk and getting to work on some projects
for crop addict!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

hello december..

seriously, can we just rewind back to october? this year has just gone by terribly fast. especially the last 13 days. today i'm no longer the mama to a little girl and young lady. today, i'm the mama to 2 young ladies. yes. maya is 5 today! i can't believe it. something about her just always made me think that she would always be my baby. and i know she will be..but i dont know if i'm ready for her to grow up just yet. i could definitely settle for a slow down. so today she is having a cupcake party in her her pre-k class, while i tend to olivia having head lice. grr. but now thats all taken care of :)

after i pickup maya, we are coming home so that olivia can make her a special birthday card, then its off to toys R us. maya has been anxiously awaiting this day so that she can pick out a toy. then i think we might have a fun birthday lunch. we dont typically celebrate big on the actual birthday, since it usually lands during the week. so sunday will be the party day. lots of stuff to do today, fun stuff thankfully.

last night i made a few christmas cards..and i might actually get them sent out before xmas! here are a few::