Saturday, August 26, 2006

its saturday and i'm bored. ugh. art is working we have no car to go anywhere. i suppose we could walk..or ride the bus. but honestly..i'm feeling to lazy to walk, and i'm just plain sure that if i got on the bus i'd get lost. lol. i'm horrible with geography.

today is a crop for the 2ps pub gals at a lss..and i really wanted to go. however..i dont know how in the world i would get my stuff there...oh. and art wants to go paintball. so the compromise is he goes to paintball and i stay home and scrap. and pretend that i'm at the crop! lol. i'm pretty bummed tho because Sande Kreiger and Amber Skolnick are supposed to be showing up!! but hopefully next time i will definitely make it there!

nothing much going on in my scrappy world..just trying to find my lost motivation..who just so happend to take my mojo with it. i fell off the load wagon and its killing me!! so today i vow to make something. i must! lol.

here are my latest creations:

this one is using some new sassafrass pp..which i love!! they had some awesome stuff come out at cha! yum!

this was for the scraplyric gals..the theme
was the 80' i picked madonna of course!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


that about describes it. no dt calls for me. poop.
ah well.

i'm starting to not feel so sick, so thats a good thing. now if only i could find my sweet mojo. i was picked as guest challenger over at scraplyric..if you dont know what it is--you gotta check it out! the girls over there rock!

in other is finally back at work. i know that sounds terrible..but seriously i can't get anything done around here unless he is gone!! lol.
i already got the kitchen cleaned, laundry drying, living/hall/bedrooms vacummed and dusted! and its only like 11am. so far a very productive day :D

i have a lo to share, its one i did for the scraplyric girls but i didnt like it. so i'm sharing it now ;)

and i thought i would do the meme challenge i saw on the pub:

1. The Book That Changed My Life
::cry, the beloved country; alan paton

2. A Book I've Read More Than Once
:: theory of relativity; jacquelyn Mitchard

3. A Book I'd Want With Me on a Desert Island
:: she's come undone;wally lamb

4. A Book That Made Me Laugh
::i cant think of one off hand. guess
its been a long time since i read a
funny book!

5. A Book That Made Me Cry
::legacy of the heart;wayne muller

6. A Book I Wish Had Been Written
:: i dont know lol.

7. A Book I Wish Had Never Been Written
:: i dont really have an answer to this either. no matter
how much i disliked a book i have always been glad
to have read it anyway.

8. A Book I Am Currently Reading
:: fortunes rocks;anita shreve

9. A Book I Am Meaning To Read
:: anna karenina;leo tolstoy

10. My favorite book of all time
:: their eyes were watching god;zora neale hurston

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


yep. i have a cold. again. poop on the cold. it sucks to be sick in the summer.
speaking of being sick. we took olivia to the dr yesterday, and yes she has an ear infection. in both of them. on a scale of 1-10 the Dr. says its an 8!! my poor darlin. she's been loungin on the couch mostly...
we took her for registration today, and we have to go back next week for the assessment tests. and i found out i was wrong about the first day of school. i guess kindergartners start later lol. good thing they told me! hehe.

so since i've been sick i've not really been online much..or scrapping. but i did get my lo done for the LSS that is good news. now heres to crossing my fingers that i make it to the next round!!

the challenge was to use 13 pics!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

i hate coming up with titles.

so thats my title, deal with it.

so ya. this week is registration for olivia. and today she has an ear infection. i dont know how or where it came from. my kids have never had an ear infection before. so tomorrow i'm calling the dr first thing. and i hope its not serious. and i really hope its not gonna cost mucho dinero. my poor baby..

in other news...ya. there isnt any news lol.
art is off work till next week. so its nice having him around. the kids really missed him while he was at work.

i made a slew of cards today for a dt submission. and ya. i got my grubby little hands on the new BG Romani. can i get holla for how stinkin rad this stuff is?! i mean whoa. this stuff is the biz-omb!
also have the new cosmo cricket. yes! and some new cherry arte. yes!
yes. i am in paper heaven. thank goodness i didnt have to die for it. lol

here is one that is for no other purpose than
to use the new Romani. yum yum!!

here is one using the new romani
and some new cherry arte
love it. :D

and finally a lo of me using the new
cosmo cricket!! this stuff. man. it rocks
i need more! like yesterday. hehe.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

yo..tgif peoples!!

so today was the day..the great heist on my kids! hehe.
art had to work half the day..then he came home and we told them if they were good we'd go to the park.
so ya. we packed them up and headed on up to lagoon (its an amusement park..dont know what to compare it to..maybe like knotts?)..anyways..
maya sees the rides and shes like this:
mom!! its magoon(lagoon)
i say: thats LAgoon
maya:are going dere(there)
i say:um no. daddy i just thought it would be fun to drive around and look at the rides

we are soo evil!! hehe. i luurve it.
we had a blast..the kids went on every kiddie ride and then some. then we ate..and ya. im still suffering. hehe.

so the whole pic thing. ya. i told kelly that i knew i'd forget the camera. so before i left today, she was all reminding me, right. so i bring the camera. i didnt forget this time. but ya. we get there and it wont let me take any more pics..someting about the memory being full..and i was like no freakin way! ya. I FORGOT THE DANG MEMORY CARD!!!
grr to me! so i have like 15 pics. and thats it. but now i have to figure out how to get them off the camera and into my computer with no memory card. sooo..maybe tomorrow!

so i'm uber tired. but i stayed up to play with my paper posies kit which came today..and i scrapped a pic of my bff arlene and her dd hanna.
such yummy cherry arte! oo and i am sharing my lo for the effers lss.

peace out!

this is my uber hot bff carolyn. she is super duper buff. and ya. thats new bohemia :)

here is the grin that i'm in love with
oo and the new cherry arte rub ons are like
buttah!! luurve em!

Monday, August 07, 2006


i used to blog everyday. and then ya..i dont anymore. i guess im feelin that a:: i dont have much to say. and b:: i'm kinda boring. lol.

so today i had to go the lss to get some more duck cuz tombow sucks ass.
so ya. i could only find poopie on them. and when i went to the lss i found the elsie book finally!! and man, does it ever rock! and its freakin huge! i love it. i want to marry it!!

so this is day 4 of art being off. and ya. nothing is getting done around here. why is that? i mean since he is here you would think that we'd be doig stuff around the house but no. we are just freakin relaxing all dang day long!! grr. that needs to change tomorrow.

and only a few more days till we get to take the kids to lagoon!! i'm so excited!! the girls have no dang clue! it will be so cool to see their faces and hear their squeals of delight once they figure out where we are!

so i did a lo today of myself..kinda fun. its one of the pics that carolyn took of me on saturday :)

i kinda like this..and i like the pic..

Saturday, August 05, 2006


so. yesterday was rad. today was rad. nothing extra special..but i did get my hands on the new MME Bohemia line!! whooo freakin hoo! seriously. i found a place online that had it so i ordered some. but then i had to go the lss to get some ya. i walk in and low and behold there it is right in freakin front of me!!! so ya better believe i bought a ton! lol. cuz this lss that i went to..they are an EVERYTHING is 30% off!!! HECK YES!

today was super fun. spent it hanging with carolyn..went to lunch, went to old navy and got some cute tshirts for like 3.99 a piece. then went and got a frap..then came home and had a lil photoshoot..soo freakin funny. seriously i almost peed my pants several times. lol. got some great pics..okay i lie. i got like 216 pics. hehe.

so here's a cpl lo's..and have a happy weekend!!

here is one of maya i did just for funsies. lol

and here ladies and the uber fabu lo using the bohemia line!! pure flippin genius with this. i mean whoever designed this--man they rock and i thank them muchly!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happy august to ya!

i can't freakin believe how fast july flew by!! man. its like oh its summer..and then whammo its over! geez. i think its the layout a day i'm doin at 2ps thats makin it fly by. was a way weird weather (whoa, thats a lot of w's) day in utah. way stormy; windy, rain/thunder and some hail!! geez. i think it was only like 62 today at noon. and yesterday was 80-90 degrees. weirdness.

so olivia had her appt at the dentist and only had one cavity! yay. so we also had maya get a check up and she is doing good with no cavities at all! i was relieved. i dont know why, but it made me feel like a bad mom that olivia had a cavity..but at least its fixed now and its her baby teeth. plus ever since we got home she's been brushing like 4x a day lol. its cute. she's decided that instead of wanting to be a princess when she grows up she now wants to be a dentist! hehe. what a cutie.

today i have a couple of lo's to is for the number challenge, and the other was a total and complete scraplift of tara whitney. what can i say..i have no stinkin mojo! ugh.

okay the challenge was to use 38 flowers on one lo. and at last count i had 58! phew!

and here is the total scraplift of tara whitney. she is a genius i tell ya. genius.
of course..her lo looks mucho better than mine! but what can i do?! i'm no stinkin genius! :P

peace out!