Saturday, August 26, 2006

its saturday and i'm bored. ugh. art is working we have no car to go anywhere. i suppose we could walk..or ride the bus. but honestly..i'm feeling to lazy to walk, and i'm just plain sure that if i got on the bus i'd get lost. lol. i'm horrible with geography.

today is a crop for the 2ps pub gals at a lss..and i really wanted to go. however..i dont know how in the world i would get my stuff there...oh. and art wants to go paintball. so the compromise is he goes to paintball and i stay home and scrap. and pretend that i'm at the crop! lol. i'm pretty bummed tho because Sande Kreiger and Amber Skolnick are supposed to be showing up!! but hopefully next time i will definitely make it there!

nothing much going on in my scrappy world..just trying to find my lost motivation..who just so happend to take my mojo with it. i fell off the load wagon and its killing me!! so today i vow to make something. i must! lol.

here are my latest creations:

this one is using some new sassafrass pp..which i love!! they had some awesome stuff come out at cha! yum!

this was for the scraplyric gals..the theme
was the 80' i picked madonna of course!!


amberskolnick said...

love the scrap stuff
those are really good
too bad you couldn't go to pebbles
i stopped in to say hi
i was too curious to meet some peas

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Hey Monica! Those pages are super cute! Love them! I scrapped a bit today also, but I don't like one of the pages I did. It's wrong in my that even possible for a layout to do that?