Friday, September 08, 2006

no i didnt forget how to use blogger.

i know its been quite a while since i've updated! i didnt know it had been this long tho. hehe.

lets see..olivia started school last month..and ya. maya is still having a hard time adjusting to leaving her. i've been getting up everyday at the buttcrack of dawn. ok. not the buttcrack. but it sure feels like it. i'm used to getting up around getting up at 6:40 is a big adjustment. big.

i tried for some dt's..didnt make it. not like a ginormous deal..but kinda made my mojo go away. and at the same time all this unfriendliness was going on at the pub and some blogs...not from pubsters..but anyways. didnt dig the negativity, so i took a step back and quit posting for a bit.

so here i am, still alive, trying to get my mojo back in order.
my girls are going for their very first playdate today. they are super
excited. as am i lol. i'm hoping to scrap..but you know, thats what i always say when i dont have the kids, and i never do. i dont know why lol.

anyways...hope everyone has a fabu weekend!!

peace out!

this is for a contest over at paper posies.
i dont really dig it. but i like the pic.

this is a very obvious and blatant lift of a lo
in the elsie book.
like i freakin mojo here.
but i loved this pic of olivia on a walk
we took last week.


Francine said...

sending you mojo vibes!!!

Keianna said...

Cute pic of your daughter. Glad she is adjusting well.

Anonymous said...

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