Friday, April 25, 2008

its been about a month..

so i figured i'd better update! ha.

i was just blog hopping as i usually do, when i came across this clip from cz's blog that got me thinking..

Six-Word Memoir book preview from SMITHmag on Vimeo.

i wish i could write like that. like, when i read postsecret on sundays, i think to myself, gosh, these people can write. and its not like a novel--just the simplest, most powerful words. i wish i could do that.

reading these inspire me. to be better, to live longer, healthier, happier. sounds corny i know, but i've really been trying to take stock of my life and figure out just what i'm wanting out of it--and of course how to get there. i want to know how to live my life and feel like i've not wasted one second of it. to fully enjoy every bit that is handed to me, and to live with no regrets.. maybe i'm just feeling all introspective because i havent had much time to myself lately. i swear all i do is work and sleep.
maya begs me everyday to not go into work. it kills me to leave the girls. but i have to. at least thats what i think--but then i get to work and i wonder, is this really more important than spending time with my family? i hate being a grown up and having to decide between supporting my family and being there for my family.

anyways, maya has been sick the last few days so i took the morning off work to spoil her a bit. she's now wrapped up like a mummy in her bed watching spongebob and eating toast. she didnt have a fever this morning and i'm sure i couldve taken her in to work with me anyways, but to be honest, i was looking forward to a little snuggle time with her myself.