Monday, May 24, 2010


-who knew that it would still be freezing rain in the middle of may? Or is it the end of may now? Such awesome Utah weather.

-whats new? Well recently started a second job. Pay Is great. But lets be honest: I'm lazy. So Its very very questionable how long I'll be able to keep up this charade. I currantly work outside the home from 6pm to 12am..then come home and work until 2:30am, get the kids up for school at 7, then work till about 9 or 10am..then nap. Eat. Shower. Repeat.

-kids have like two weeks left of school. Can't decide if I'm excited or not lol

-i have a huge summer wishlist building up. One of those is a trampoline for the kidlets. Figure its been awhile since we've had any broken bones around here and we should do something about that. Ha!

-another list that keeps growing much to my chagrin is household items that need replaced. Like the water heater that is temperamental and will only heat up or stay lit when it feels like it. I think it has pms. Then the dryer decided it was going to strike as well and not turn. Awesome. Then today the lawnmower joined the union. Thankfully after the front was mowed. However the backyard is still a jungle. I told Art that it probably stopped working because it was pissed off for not being used often enough.  :p

-funny thing that happened this weekend; took the kids to the living traditions festival,  lots of fun free stuff to do. We were walking around after Olivia had gotten a henna tattoo (which she was annoyed with because she kept getting her sleeve in it) and I hear her say "that's nice. That's REAL nice." I turn around to see why she's being so snarky -- then I see it. Bird poop. On her shoulder. I laughed. And laughed. Which in turn caused her to cry and tell me that she was ready to go home. Now. Lol. I only was laughing at her comment. Oh well. She survived.

-the pictures are from Saturday after they made some Mexican paper flowers. Olivia refused to smile. Per usual. Le sigh.