Saturday, January 17, 2009


I think you should head over to the It Takes All Kinds blog--I posted a new layout :)

and I thought I should post some new pics of the kids..since you know, its been a while!! These were from like last month. I just bought a Chi, and was learning how to curl hair with I used them as my guinea pigs lol. But they were really good sports..and looked so cute!!!

Here is Maya:

And here is Olivia..she was soo feeling pretty!! She NEVER smiles like this when I ask to take her picture!

and finally...thought I'd share one of me too..I got my haircut a couple of weeks ago, and I soooo love it! I even had it colored..its been a while since I've had any color, so its taking me a little time to get used to it. So far, I dig it :)

This one was just for fun..I was feelin like posing like AMNT hahahaha. I'm such a dork :p

anyways, I'm off to crop with Joce..happy weekend all!!

xoxo, monica

Thursday, January 15, 2009

another week passes..

time has been passing me by, relatively fast. Its yeah wasn't it JUST Monday? Maybe its because I haven't really had anything exciting going on..nothing to look forward to, and nothing that I'm not looking forward to either. I'm actually pretty lame lately. Work is..well its just work :) And home is quiet, which is nice. Not that I've been productive. I still spend way too much time watching retarded reality tv. I can't help it though. The trashier the show, the more I seem to love it. Yesterday it was all about Tool Academy on MTV. Seriously..this show is about these girls who have boyfriends that are total 'tools', so its like some intensive 30 day boot camp too turn them into Prince Charming. Yeah right. But, its fantastic entertainment lol.

Tomorrow I'm going to crop with one of my most favorite online friends, turned 'real life' friend. that sounds kinda lame. Why is it, if you meet someone online, its deemed 'not real' lol. Anyway, Joce is just a freakin hoot to hang out with..and we are both neurotic, so that makes for even better times. I felt really bad the last time we got together because I was soo not in a sb mood. Not that I've been in one at all, for say..I don't know, like 6 months or so hahaha. But she was a good sport about it, and tried to help me feel creative--and she even let me check out Elsies new recipe book thing. That book is so neat. I love all the eye candy in it.

And I thought I'd share a couple of the pages that I made that night..

this one is of Maya on Halloween, I know the page doesnt look like Halloween..but yeah, it was :)

And this one is of the both of us while we were at Pismo Beach in August. I just love her little face in this photo!!

anyways, thats about it for me for today :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


i'm trying. to blog again, that is. i actually have been without the internet since this summer, so almost all of my blogging before was from my phone. which, is handy, but i did miss typing on an actual keyboard!
i've been scrapbooking here and there, not like i was before (about a layout a day), but i'm trying to get the fire going again. and since i have the internet back, i actually have some incentive to scan my pages so i can share them lol. before i was just showing all the people who came to my house, which i'm sure they really appreciated that :p

i've been tweeting and downloading music most of the night. god, i've missed the internet. the instant gratification of it all! and i really cant wait to resume my online shopping!! speaking of, i just found my new fave perfume! viva la juicy ...i seriously doused myself in it while carolyn and i were at the mall last weekend. she was so sure i'd be sick of it since i put so much on, but nope! still love it. even the bottle is just so cute!

so, i think thats it for tonight..more music to dl, and some blogs to catch up on too!