Wednesday, January 07, 2009


i'm trying. to blog again, that is. i actually have been without the internet since this summer, so almost all of my blogging before was from my phone. which, is handy, but i did miss typing on an actual keyboard!
i've been scrapbooking here and there, not like i was before (about a layout a day), but i'm trying to get the fire going again. and since i have the internet back, i actually have some incentive to scan my pages so i can share them lol. before i was just showing all the people who came to my house, which i'm sure they really appreciated that :p

i've been tweeting and downloading music most of the night. god, i've missed the internet. the instant gratification of it all! and i really cant wait to resume my online shopping!! speaking of, i just found my new fave perfume! viva la juicy ...i seriously doused myself in it while carolyn and i were at the mall last weekend. she was so sure i'd be sick of it since i put so much on, but nope! still love it. even the bottle is just so cute!

so, i think thats it for tonight..more music to dl, and some blogs to catch up on too!


*Paula* said...

I hear you on the instant gratification thing - I would be so lost without the internet!!

mom2ee said...

good luck with getting the "fire going again" will continue to watch for creations