Monday, January 28, 2008

saved by the bell

so, i didnt have to do jury duty! phew! i was so worried when i heard my number on that little recording. but luckily, right after my number was mentioned, the nice lady recording said i didnt have to come in! saaaaweeeet. totally made me feel so much better.

friday i went out and played poker for the very first time. and can i just tell you..when i told these boys that i'd never played before irl--they SO did not look too happy lol. but i think i did pretty well and held my own! i was proud of me. i wasnt the first one knocked out, so that was rad. GO ME!

saturday was what i was looking forward to most. the crop with the mommy group at this local burger joint. its so fun going and just laughing and eating a burger and just creating. but i have to admit, there was this one lady, that totally got my panties all up in a bunch. i dont know what i ever did to her, but she really seems to go out of her way to make me feel unwelcome. i hate feeling like an outsider. and i'm always sure to be on my best behavior so as not to come off wrong to people who don't know me. but this lady, she just wants me to feel like the outsider i think. i hate feeling like that. but..i didnt let her keep me from scrappin! here is one of the pages i did that night:

so now i'm sitting here all warm and snug in my house while its almost like a blizzard outside. it was so warm this weekend (like in the 40's)..and then it started to get windy so you totally knew a storm was coming. anyways..thats whats going on in my neck of the woods!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my civic duty

i always wondered how people got chosen for jury duty--is it off voter registrations, i'd wonder? or maybe its off driver's licenses. who knows. but whatever it is, they got my number. i've been calling every night after 5pm (as instructed by the postcard), and so far so good. but i think my number is up. they are really darn close to calling me in, and i'm nervous as heck. i've only been to the courthouse once before. i HATE undergound parking. i always seem to forget where i parked..yeah. i'm that girl that loses her car in the parking garage. anyways, i'm crossing my fingers that i dont have to go, not just because i dont know what to expect. (even though thats a big reason) but also because that means that art would have to take the day off to take care of the girls. such a PITA. seriously.

in other news, i've been sick the last 2 weeks or so. at first it was like a cold and now its not so much..but i get these waves of dizzyness that just plain suck.i'm so over this cough too. blech.
so because i've not been feeling well, i've not been feeling like scrapping. but guess what i signed up for? something that i've just been wishing and wishing someone would do so that i could learn how to use PSE. i mean, i've only had it for 2 years lol! Adrienne Looman is offering this artistic edge class..i was so excited! i ran right over to etsy..and guess what? it sold out. yeah. just my luck. but luckily she saw how popular this is, and offered more classes! yippeee! I so can't wait. Sure i can maneuver around PSE, and i can do digi stuff. but i really have no clue how to use it to edit/enhance my photos. so now, my job is take lots of photos before the class so i have some stuff to work with. so psyched!
so thats it from me.
oh and p.s.
please cross your fingers that if i do have to go in tomorrow for jury duty that i dont lose my car. thanks :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

she KICKED cancer's ass

my mom. she is amazing. i know i dont tell her that enough. but its true. she is.

just 9 months ago she found out she had cancer. at first glance because of where it was located, they told her it was ovarian. but after surgery and biopsies..we found out it was 4th stage lung cancer. i was so terrified. but she was brave. she said she was going to kick its ass. she's been having non stop chemo since may (when i was there to visit her)..and now she is done.

last week she had a PET scan (and some other tests i think) to see how the mass in her lung was looking. her doctor called her and told her everything looked NORMAL. she told me that-- and its unbelievable. i mean, i've been trying to get myself to believe that she even HAD cancer. now to hear that she has actually survived..has beaten it. crazy. good crazy.

she goes in this week to get re-staged and to talk about whats next. she is so excited. and i'm nothing short of proud. to say that i've been pessimistic during all of this is an understatement. i'm a realist. i know that people can't just be cured. but i believed in her. i knew that she wouldn't give in. or give up.

so, that was the big news over my weekend. nothing could top that.
happy monday :D

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the best LAUGH ever.

if you need a must watch this. me and art just sat here laughing uncontrollably <---see i can't even spell i was laughing so hard there were tears.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

got bored..

so the other day i was a little bored, and realized it had been awhile since i'd taken any self portraits. so kelly prompted me to take some; especially since i got my haircut about a month ago. yep. i'm sportin bangs. i think in the course of my 29 years on this planet, i've tried them quite a few times. but you see, me and bangs just dont get along. i dont know if its because they have attitude and just wont sit the way they are supposed to, or if its that i can't quite get used to them being semi in my eyes..and all over my forehead. so anyways, the bangs in these pics are brushed to the side, which is about as 'bangy' as i get. i like it because i look a little different, but not too different, kwim? change is fun sometimes. and now i really see the resemblance between olivia and i. funny it took bangs to see it!

and today, i recieved my very first studio calico kit. man. its pretty. and i really am in love with those collage press papers. seriously. i've played around a bit with some other lines, but i really love this grayson hall stuff. so..i have some pics printed, a new kit, and hopefully i'll actually make something out of the two!

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

looking back..

i feel like over the last year, so much has changed. my girls have grown from toddlers into young ladies. i've stopped taking this hobby so seriously, and have tried to let myself start enjoying the creative process again. in doing that, i have found myself stepping back from mb's, not submitting for calls or DT's. and i feel okay with that. sure some days i feel disconnected with the friends i'd made online--but overall i feel good. heres to another year of growth!!