Monday, January 28, 2008

saved by the bell

so, i didnt have to do jury duty! phew! i was so worried when i heard my number on that little recording. but luckily, right after my number was mentioned, the nice lady recording said i didnt have to come in! saaaaweeeet. totally made me feel so much better.

friday i went out and played poker for the very first time. and can i just tell you..when i told these boys that i'd never played before irl--they SO did not look too happy lol. but i think i did pretty well and held my own! i was proud of me. i wasnt the first one knocked out, so that was rad. GO ME!

saturday was what i was looking forward to most. the crop with the mommy group at this local burger joint. its so fun going and just laughing and eating a burger and just creating. but i have to admit, there was this one lady, that totally got my panties all up in a bunch. i dont know what i ever did to her, but she really seems to go out of her way to make me feel unwelcome. i hate feeling like an outsider. and i'm always sure to be on my best behavior so as not to come off wrong to people who don't know me. but this lady, she just wants me to feel like the outsider i think. i hate feeling like that. but..i didnt let her keep me from scrappin! here is one of the pages i did that night:

so now i'm sitting here all warm and snug in my house while its almost like a blizzard outside. it was so warm this weekend (like in the 40's)..and then it started to get windy so you totally knew a storm was coming. anyways..thats whats going on in my neck of the woods!!


Denise said...

Monica, good for you for going and not letting that chick intimidate you. I really hate when people do that. She must be jealous of your talent. Scare her next time by walking up to her and asking her what her problem is. I would like to see that!

Lesli said...

Great page - I love the look!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha! I want to be there when you walk up to her and ask her what her problem is!! Please!!

Marissa said...

I'd like to be there too Mo because you are kind of intimidating. I for one am a little scared of you. Just kidding. Well maybe I'm a little serious. You could definitely kick my butt.