Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my civic duty

i always wondered how people got chosen for jury duty--is it off voter registrations, i'd wonder? or maybe its off driver's licenses. who knows. but whatever it is, they got my number. i've been calling every night after 5pm (as instructed by the postcard), and so far so good. but i think my number is up. they are really darn close to calling me in, and i'm nervous as heck. i've only been to the courthouse once before. i HATE undergound parking. i always seem to forget where i parked..yeah. i'm that girl that loses her car in the parking garage. anyways, i'm crossing my fingers that i dont have to go, not just because i dont know what to expect. (even though thats a big reason) but also because that means that art would have to take the day off to take care of the girls. such a PITA. seriously.

in other news, i've been sick the last 2 weeks or so. at first it was like a cold and now its not so much..but i get these waves of dizzyness that just plain suck.i'm so over this cough too. blech.
so because i've not been feeling well, i've not been feeling like scrapping. but guess what i signed up for? something that i've just been wishing and wishing someone would do so that i could learn how to use PSE. i mean, i've only had it for 2 years lol! Adrienne Looman is offering this artistic edge class..i was so excited! i ran right over to etsy..and guess what? it sold out. yeah. just my luck. but luckily she saw how popular this is, and offered more classes! yippeee! I so can't wait. Sure i can maneuver around PSE, and i can do digi stuff. but i really have no clue how to use it to edit/enhance my photos. so now, my job is take lots of photos before the class so i have some stuff to work with. so psyched!
so thats it from me.
oh and p.s.
please cross your fingers that if i do have to go in tomorrow for jury duty that i dont lose my car. thanks :)

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Katie, Rex, and Brendan said...

Ugh. So sorry you might get stuck with jury duty. To be honest that's why, until recently, I hadn't registered to vote. Pathetic, I know. Anywho, here's prayin' that if you are selected, you never lose your car ;)