Monday, January 21, 2008

she KICKED cancer's ass

my mom. she is amazing. i know i dont tell her that enough. but its true. she is.

just 9 months ago she found out she had cancer. at first glance because of where it was located, they told her it was ovarian. but after surgery and biopsies..we found out it was 4th stage lung cancer. i was so terrified. but she was brave. she said she was going to kick its ass. she's been having non stop chemo since may (when i was there to visit her)..and now she is done.

last week she had a PET scan (and some other tests i think) to see how the mass in her lung was looking. her doctor called her and told her everything looked NORMAL. she told me that-- and its unbelievable. i mean, i've been trying to get myself to believe that she even HAD cancer. now to hear that she has actually survived..has beaten it. crazy. good crazy.

she goes in this week to get re-staged and to talk about whats next. she is so excited. and i'm nothing short of proud. to say that i've been pessimistic during all of this is an understatement. i'm a realist. i know that people can't just be cured. but i believed in her. i knew that she wouldn't give in. or give up.

so, that was the big news over my weekend. nothing could top that.
happy monday :D


Denise said...

That is wonderful. I am so happy for you and your family!

casey boyd said...

That is fantastic news!!! So happy for you and your mom, that is beyond amazing!

Katie, Rex, and Brendan said...

That is fan-freakin-tastic Mo!!!

Marissa said...

That is awesome Monica... I'm happy for you guys.