Wednesday, June 27, 2007

you really do learn something new everyday..

so last week art and i rented apocalypto, that movie by mel gibson about the mayan culture, sort of. anyways, i didnt really have any interest in seeing it, but i owed art a guy flick, so we watched. anways, in the middle of watching the movie (which btw, is all subtitles. art hated that) i realized something, and made art pause the movie. there was a scene where they were showing a mayan temple, like the one above, with stuff like falling down it. i had no idea what it was. i mean, i always knew that the temples were for some religous matter, duh. but i had no idea that it was for human sacrifice! seriously felt stupid when i asked art if thats what they really were for. i mean, why didnt i learn that in history? anyways, yeah. it was a graphic movie. but i learned something. i have to say tho, that it wasnt nearly as graphic as pan's labryinth. which i only got to see parts of bc my mom called. but thats ok bc art caught me up once i was done.

so today. yeah. i kinda slept through most of it. last night i was complaining to art that i've not been sleeping well and then i remembered that i bought some otc sleeping pills. they usually never worked but i figured i'd give it a try. so i took 2 and decided to play a game online while it kicked in. and man, did it ever kick in. i slept until like after 11. good thing the kids can feed themselves lol. and today art was it was just the beginning of a really lazy day. and i'm sure tomorrow will be similar since he will be home again. i hate that he is home during the week, it throws me off. now dont get me wrong, its nice that hes here, but it really messes with the flow of things around the house.

you know something weird i just realized? that both those movies we watched had subtitles. funny, bc art hates having to read bc he says they go too fast for him. but i love it. for some reason i seem to be able to get more into the movie if i have to read. in fact, when i watch tv i like to have the captions on, altho i usually dont if art is around =)

well i'm hoping to get scrappy tomorrow. i've been avoiding my messy desk the last 2 days. i have kits piling up. thats not a good sign.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


i finally scrapped! geesh. and i'm blogging. i hope thunder doesnt strike me down ;)
hey guess what? i'm in the catwalk at sistv!! sweet! i probably wouldnt have found out so soon if it werent for anilu.
i was busy outside gardening. or my version of gardening anyways. i have a mini rake, a mini shovel. 2 bags of potting soil and some flowers that needed to be moved. did it happen? not so much. but that could be bc i was out gardening at 10 at night. it was too hot to do it yesterday during the day!
well that and the fact that i was out and about on a mad search for tinkerbell party goods. olivia's 6th bday party is sunday, and her chosen theme is tinkerbell. which would've been fine if i could find a bakery who made tink cakes! i had to go to like 5 different stores. and then dont get me started on the pinata. but the moral of the story is that we now have everything we need for one perfect party. yay.

so today, not doing much besides laundry. its another hot day here and the kids dont want to venture outside. wimps! hehe. just kidding. i wouldnt want to play out there either. :P
happy thursday =)

Monday, June 18, 2007

lots o stuff

we had a nice and quiet fathers day at our house..slept in a little, then gave art breakfast in bed accompanied by a myriad of cards that the girls made for him. i think it was the perfect morning for him--watching a martial arts movie and just chillaxing. i made that huge tag for him ^^ from the june poppy kit. its so luscious. yum.

saturday art took the girls to a softball game while i went to get my hair cut and colored =) it was looooong overdue and i really love my new look.

i know this isnt the best pic to see my hair and color..but i couldnt resist playing with some new actions that i got on friday lol. anyways, its an A line with side bangs...and the color is like a soft blackish brown. i love it! kinda hard to get used to having bangs! i keep wanting to put them behind my ear, its gonna take some time before i get used to just leaving them be.

anyways, got some other scrappy stuff done on friday, all using the june poppy kit..while my scrapologie is sitting here begging to be played with too! i just can't seem to find enough time. not to mention that i've been scrapping for 2 months with no mojo at all. i hate forcing it..but sometimes i just gotta try to push it through it, kwim? and on that note, i've been thinking about starting another art journal. i saw this one at the RV blog and its just TDF, but i think i'm a little over budget this month on the kit buying grrr. so, i think i might just make my own and try to find some cute fabrics and schtuff locally. i'm hoping that by doing this it'll make me feel creative again..bc i havent felt that way in a while. sigh.

oh, and the actions that i found to play with..which yeah. i need a tutorial in PSE. seriously. i have no idea what i'm doing. i mean, i can get the actions onto my pics--no problem there. its the playing with the opacity (whatever the heck that is! lol) and sharpening etc to get it to look how i want it to. does that make sense? i mean, i'm sure i could figure it out if i could figure out where the hell i find 'opacity'! me thinks i might have to take a trip to the library to learn how to use this program. and i hate that. bc i'm not a patient girl. i want to play NOW. not next week. so..if someone out there can help a girl out..PLEASE! =) oh and i was gonna link to the places i got the actions, bc i had a hard time finding ones that were compatible with PSE and not just PS. jessica's blog is where i bought my first 2 sets. i got all 12 of them for 20 bucks! what a deal! then i checked out this place called optikvervelabs and its actually a free plugin that has all kinds of different conversions. thats actually what i used on that pic of me. anyways, there are a few other ones i found as well, but these are the 2 that i have actually tried so far.

well kiddies .. i'm off to do some laundry. blah.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

mi vida loca

so yesterday, i was reading on joce's blog about youtube. i said that i hardly ever use it, bc i know that if i did, i'd be addicted.

so yeah. after i read her post i hopped over there to check it out. i watched a few little clips here and there, and then i was like hm...i wonder if they have this old music video. and they did. so then that led to another and another.. well, you get the picture.

anways. what many ppl dont know about me is that i grew up in california..and i ran with a not so good crowd. gangs and that kind of retarded stuff. anyways my mom moved us here to utah to get me away from that life, and everday that i've been away i've been ever so grateful for the life she gave back to me. so anyways, yesterday i was looking up some old brown pride videos and i remembered this movie that came out in the early 90's, called 'mi vida loca'. and i looked it up on youtube and they had the ENTIRE movie on there. i was surprised to say the least, and so i watched it. anyways..whenever i tell ppl about my past, they can't imagine me living that way, or dressing how i described--and well, this movie summed up what it was like where i grew up. heres the first ten minutes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

summer boredom already??

its that time of year again. carolyn sitting at my house being bored. i mean, not that we dont have great convo, bc we do. but then i think 'hmm..time to pull out the cam!' and yeah. she hates that. mostly bc i take a bunch of random pics of her and wont let her take any of me. bwaahahah. i'm just evil that way. and i dont feel comfortable in front of the camera--actually thats an understatement. i HATE being in front of it lol. i need to lose like 1 million gagillion pounds, and then i think i will feel better about it.
anyways, the girls are outside enjoying the mild weather, its like 78ish right now. but tomorrow should be closer to 90. yep. time to fill up the pool again. i'm sitting here bored out of mind. and not bc i dont have things to do, bc i certainly always have laundry. blah!
so heres my list of movies that i could watch over and over and over..
  • return to me--love love the music in this one. such a sweet and funny love story
  • coyote ugly--i love the music in this one too
  • when harry met sally--hello, classic!
  • pretty in pink--bc i was an 80's child and molly ringwald rocks my world.
  • the holiday--this one is kinda newer. but i've rented it like 3 times already bc i love it so mucho. and yeah, jude law doesnt hurt either.
  • pretty in pink--julia roberts+richard gere+shopping=perfection!
  • the goonies--fave kid movie ever possibly. and my kids dig it too

and now..i might go unpack my scrap stuff from the crop i went to on friday. i'm thinking 4 days of it sitting in my totes by my desk might be long enough; but my area looks really clean, and i really dig that lol.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

the farmers market.

love this time of year. lots of little things to go do on the i met up with some mommies to check out the farmers market that just opened this weekend. it was a perfect morning =)
here are some of pics of what we saw::

i think we could've had a better time if::

  • the girls werent afraid of clowns on stilts
  • olivias tummy wasnt upset
  • i had brought a bag to carry all of our stuff

but at least now i know. oh yeah. and make sure that the girls pee before we leave the house. oh how i hate public restrooms. and the worst part about that is that this park, when not hosting the farmers market, is very well known for being the local transient/drug dealing/have no home area. yeah. but when the market is there its nice. is it funny that i have no pics of actual food?? i wanted to take some pics of some lovely arugala, but i kinda felt weird. plus it was super ass crowded. oh, and my hands were freaking full. duh monica. next time take a bag!!

ooh and i had a delish little coconut cupcake. like a mini size cupcake with like a foot of frosting. maybe it wasnt a foot, but it sure did taste like it. it was soo good. and i also got a chocolate mocha one for later; check this puppy out:

doesnt she look delish? yep. i'm saving her for my middle of the afternoon, mommy needs a moment all to herself, please leave me alone for 2 seconds to think 'time'. lol.

Monday, June 04, 2007

happy june!!

did may fly by or was it just me?? seriously. i think i could settle for a slow down. olivia's bday is only 22 days she's gonna be six.
and that little monkey up there is getting registered for pre-k tomorrow! yikes! shes so excited to meet her teacher and to see her classroom for the first time. honestly, i'm excited too. but kinda sad. you know, shes my baby. and i'm gonna bawl like a baby when i take her on the first day and leave her. shes like my shadow, that one. aah. but, on the bright side--i will be getting a couple of hours all to myself! yay! love that.
soo..yeah. nothing new with me. just getting scrappy here and there. my mojo is slowly coming back. i think it helped me to scrap some emotional pages about my mom. i mean..hello i cried all over them. but, it felt good too. oh, and i tried the 6x12 and i dig it. A LOT. now my only dilemma is that i dont have page protectors for that size. so yeah. i'm gonna have to find somewhere that carries them lol. oh well. they will just be sitting pretty on my easel. love it. i think thats about it for me today!!