Thursday, June 21, 2007


i finally scrapped! geesh. and i'm blogging. i hope thunder doesnt strike me down ;)
hey guess what? i'm in the catwalk at sistv!! sweet! i probably wouldnt have found out so soon if it werent for anilu.
i was busy outside gardening. or my version of gardening anyways. i have a mini rake, a mini shovel. 2 bags of potting soil and some flowers that needed to be moved. did it happen? not so much. but that could be bc i was out gardening at 10 at night. it was too hot to do it yesterday during the day!
well that and the fact that i was out and about on a mad search for tinkerbell party goods. olivia's 6th bday party is sunday, and her chosen theme is tinkerbell. which would've been fine if i could find a bakery who made tink cakes! i had to go to like 5 different stores. and then dont get me started on the pinata. but the moral of the story is that we now have everything we need for one perfect party. yay.

so today, not doing much besides laundry. its another hot day here and the kids dont want to venture outside. wimps! hehe. just kidding. i wouldnt want to play out there either. :P
happy thursday =)

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Anilu Magloire said...

Love the LO!!

Well deserved Catwalk appearance!

Happy B-day, Olivia!

have a great weekend!!

I missed you!!