Wednesday, June 27, 2007

you really do learn something new everyday..

so last week art and i rented apocalypto, that movie by mel gibson about the mayan culture, sort of. anyways, i didnt really have any interest in seeing it, but i owed art a guy flick, so we watched. anways, in the middle of watching the movie (which btw, is all subtitles. art hated that) i realized something, and made art pause the movie. there was a scene where they were showing a mayan temple, like the one above, with stuff like falling down it. i had no idea what it was. i mean, i always knew that the temples were for some religous matter, duh. but i had no idea that it was for human sacrifice! seriously felt stupid when i asked art if thats what they really were for. i mean, why didnt i learn that in history? anyways, yeah. it was a graphic movie. but i learned something. i have to say tho, that it wasnt nearly as graphic as pan's labryinth. which i only got to see parts of bc my mom called. but thats ok bc art caught me up once i was done.

so today. yeah. i kinda slept through most of it. last night i was complaining to art that i've not been sleeping well and then i remembered that i bought some otc sleeping pills. they usually never worked but i figured i'd give it a try. so i took 2 and decided to play a game online while it kicked in. and man, did it ever kick in. i slept until like after 11. good thing the kids can feed themselves lol. and today art was it was just the beginning of a really lazy day. and i'm sure tomorrow will be similar since he will be home again. i hate that he is home during the week, it throws me off. now dont get me wrong, its nice that hes here, but it really messes with the flow of things around the house.

you know something weird i just realized? that both those movies we watched had subtitles. funny, bc art hates having to read bc he says they go too fast for him. but i love it. for some reason i seem to be able to get more into the movie if i have to read. in fact, when i watch tv i like to have the captions on, altho i usually dont if art is around =)

well i'm hoping to get scrappy tomorrow. i've been avoiding my messy desk the last 2 days. i have kits piling up. thats not a good sign.


NancyJones said...

OH we saw that movie I KNOW what scene your talking about ughh that was kinda gross OK REALLY GROSS. IT was a good movie though kinda like a train wreck you cant stop watchin it. I LIKE subtitles but I have lost partial hearing from having shingles and IF I dont have the sub titles on everything I have no clue what is going on anymore. SO we keep subtitles on the tv for that reason. I havent seen that other movie.. hmm i may have to tell hubby about that one lol by the way Like your blog :)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

i didn't know about the human sacrifice either. rucka. i started liking captions when the lord of the rings shows came out on dvd. for some reason, in those movies, i have the hardest time understanding what they are saying. plus a couple of them are using fake accents, so that didn't help. but it seemed like the dialogue in them was quieter than the effects and music. might have just been my tv. but i like the subtitles.

Anilu Magloire said...

I know quite a bit about pre-Columbian Mexican history and I have to watch that movie to see how accurate it is. Those amazingly advanced cultures were about soooo much more than human sacrifice.
I'll let you know once I see it.

I totally get you about the hubby at home during the week. It completely screws with my routine !!

Kell said...

Ok.. well dont feel stupid Do,a because um I didnt know it either until now. do I dare get the movie on netflix to see ??