Thursday, June 29, 2006

tgif!! has been working for 12 days straight!! poor guy!! we miss him around here! so, heres to happy friday!!

i have a couple of lo's to share since i didnt post yesterday..they are both of taken on bday of course!

and heres a little blog challenge i saw the gs board:

What made you start your blog? How has it changed you? Have you ever considered scrapping a layout about your blog? I guess i started mine cuz everyone else was doing one lol. i started about a year ago, on msn...mostly just putting up pics and whatnot. then i started to scrap more and posting more on i started to blog about my scrapping. What i've loved about it is the connection i get with other people.. its so awesome to take a peek into someone else's world..and see that they are not much different than me. i also loved talking to ppl about my scrapping cuz i dont get to do that much its so awesome to talk with others who know what the heck i'm talkin about!! I dont know if blogging has changed me per se..but my scrapping for sure! and i know now that i'm addicted to reading other blogs lol. maybe cuz i'm nosey..or maybe cuz i feel like i 'know' the ppl i'm reading about and i want to see what they're up to and if things are going well. I haven't ever thought about scrapping my blog..but maybe in time! lol.

in other news...i had the 'my star' lo picked up by the BG gallery!! yay me! also, the 'laugh' lo can now be found in the Scrappin Trends Ezine!

check it out ^^^^^^^^^^^ you know you want to!

peace out ya'lls!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

if i had a million dollars......

did a lo today for the challenge on the me blog..dont know what i'm talking about?? check it out here:
totally awesome challenges and i so want this book!!
anyways, this lo was hard for me..not the design part silly! just the journaling. see, me and my mom hit kind of a rough patch when she moved. i'm working on moving past some feelings i have..and i think she is too. its always been this way with us--so tough, nothing comes easily. i dont know if you can read the journaling on the LO so here it is:
"we've had our ups and downs. to say its been a bumpy road wouldn't quite sum it up. you're my best friend, yet also my worst enemy. we are forever connected to each other, and i'm glad for it. our relationship is complicated, silly, deep and full of emotion. some days i wish i could change things;things i've said and done. and other days i realize that things are exactly how they're supposed to be."

if i had a million dollars....ok, I'm not BNL..but i do like that song..and it kinda goes along with the blog challenge for today. which is: If you won the all-time jackpot lottery today, share how it would change your lifestyle and list ten material things that you would buy.

  1. a home. not something overly extravagent. just a place that was comfy and cozy and someplace to raise my dd's in. a place big enough for me to have a scrapping room again. someplace big enough so that if the girls didnt want to share bedrooms they wouldnt have to.
  2. a dakota rt for art. or whatever big ol fancy fast truck he wants. he gave his up when we had olivia and it would make me so happy to see him soo happy :)
  3. a paintball shop/arena for art. he luuuurves him some paintball.
  4. a new car for me. but i have no idea what kind. maybe a landrover? i dont know. haven't ever really thought about it lol
  5. traveling. i want to travel. i've never been anywhere so going anywhere would be an adventure.
  6. shopping duh. all kinds of crazy clothes for me and the kids..stuff for the house...oh..and i could have every scrapping goody in the world!! bwaaahaahaa
  7. a home for my il's.and financial security for them. i dont know if they would let us do that for them..but i guess we could at least pay off the mortgage on their existing home.
  8. a home for my mom.

ok. so i can't think of ten. sue me. i wonder what it would be like if that did happen to my family. i really dont need those things to be happy. i would just like to be know, not worry about finances so much. i'm sure art and i would get along better..or maybe we wouldnt? lol. who knows...but i'm sure it would get boring quick to have all that money..because eventually wouldn't you own everything that you ever dreamed of? and then what would you dream of??

peace out ya'lls!


so the challenge on the GS board at 2ps is to blog about your wishlist. well i recently just did one of these for my SS..and it was hard!! way harder than i expected it to be anyway! i mean, sure I'd been keeping a mental checklist of things i'd like to have or that was cool..but nothing written down. So i start making the list..and get to like #5 and then i'm stumped. i dont know what else i want. and i'm thinking, how could that be?? i know theres tons of stuff i'd love to have..but nothing was coming to mind. so i decided to do some window shopping to help 'remind' me of the things i wanted and it was fun!! then i realized that i had waay more than 10!! so, heres my wish list!!

freestyle idea book
book of me
journalers handbook
heidi swapp puffy flower centers/any color but pink
heidi swapp flowers--really big ones
doodlebug buttons and flowers with polka dots --->me love polka dots!!
maisy mo rub ons--hearts, stars and arrows :)
ki color theory
american crafts letter stickers, cuz i just can't have enough
scenic route chipboard letters
heidi swapp ghost letters and shapes
queen and co. anything
new primas!
7 gypsies librarie rub ons
7 gypsies anything really :)

ok, so thats quite the list..and thats not really everything..but its a lot!!

peace out!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

hello again!

yowza its been a looooong weekend!! my olivia had her birthday party on saturday--hence the reason I've MIA!! we started celebrating on friday...and just never stopped lol. her actual bday isnt until today, but we couldnt wait! :) she is one happy chica, and got lots of fun gifts and 2 pinatas!! I had to go all over town to find a Hello Kitty one, but I did find one, thank goodness!

I feel so out of it since i haven't been online much the last few days, and i haven't been scrapping either! I'm so glad to be back to a normal schedule! I did a LO tonight with a pic of olivia from saturday for the hmitm #3 challenge. got lots of catching up to do on 2ps..and blogs!

hope everyone had a happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my Lo's

for today. lets see if it will work now..


the topic at 2ps for the blog is emotions...thats a good one to write about..but before i do that..

wanted to say that i got a LO picked up for the Scrappin Trends totally pumped about it!! and i did a lo today that i totally love. its the star one.

so emotions. i'm feeling a lot of them right now. first i'm feeling sad. feeling sad because my olivia is going to be five on monday...but we're celebrating on Saturday. sad because she isnt a baby anymore. sad because she will be starting school...and i wont be there. i wont be there to help her learn i wont be there to see her making friends. i'm sad. i'll be ok. but i need to just be sad right now.

i'm also feeling tired. and thats a good thing. today is my second day back on the sibu. yesterday i could feel a bit of difference, but today, today i feel....i dont know. like the edge isn't as edgy. anyone with bipolar/depression/anxiety might know what i'm talking about. last week i had a horrible day. just horrible. i bawled most of that evening..after realizing what kind of day i had had. so hard to explain the emotions, the thoughts...its so blurry sometimes. art has been really good to me about it..i dont know if realizes how tough it is without meds..but we simply can't afford them. i try to control my sudden mood swings, but sometimes i'm just not strong enough.

i feel alone. lonely. right now i dont feel...loved? i dont know. me and carolyn are not on the same page the last couple of we lost our mojo for sec. we haven't been able to hang out much without the kiddos. plus i'm in a mood. so that doesnt help. art is working our family schedule is all screwy. i miss him at night. i dont feel safe without him here. dont get me wrong, i love having the bed to myself..but there is something about him snoring/twitching that is oddly comforting to me. and i miss it. my mom. were off. i feel unimportant to her right now. it hurts. i'll get over it like i usually do..but right now, it hurts. that everyone is all depressed with me!! geez. ok. no more sad posts like that one!!

peace out! and happy days!!

okay..its not letting me post my lo's grrrrr..i'll try on another post. dang blogger


i did a lo today...kinda like it. its ok to the point that i'm not gonna redo it, so thats good!! for todays post i have a little questionaire thingy majig from 2ps that looked like fun:

1. FIRST NAME? monica

2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? yes, my grandma named me after monica quartermaine on general hospital. lol

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? day before yesterday

4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? sometimes, but usually no.


6. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? yes!! 2 of them

7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? hmm..ya! we'd be bestfriends for life!! haha

8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? heck yes!! i've been keeping a journal for as long as i can write. currently i have 3 or 4 floating around. i tend to just write on whatever is near!

9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? uh, no. why would i do that?

10. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? i certainly hope so, cuz i dont remember lending them out!

11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? heck no!! afraid of heights, and i like living, thank you very much!

13. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? nope. no laces. and if they had them, nope. too lazy!

14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? strong in body? no. strong in mind, yes!


16. SHOE SIZE? 9!! i was a size 7 before my pregnancies tho!

17. RED OR PINK? pink. hawt pink!

18. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? my legs. they belong on a horse. or a cow. or just some big animal.


20. WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU BORN? in the city of orange, in the county of orange, california

21. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? um. black gauchos. barefoot.

22. WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? does a shake count? if so a jamocha shake from arbys..yumm!

23. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? the clock ticking, and me typing


25. FAVORITE SMELL? my husband.




29. FAVORITE DRINK? dr pepper

30. FAVORITE SPORT? baseball

31. HAIR COLOR? brown

32. EYE COLOR? one is dark brown , the other light brown. totally weird i know.

33. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? when i go out.

34. FAVORITE FOOD? pizza!!


36. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? you really wanna know? one night in paris! lol. it was funny.

37. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? mauve i guess. or purple. ya. like a dusty purple.

38. SUMMER OR WINTER? summer!! cuz its my birthday!!

39. HUGS OR KISSES? both. hug me then kiss me. :)

40. FAVORITE DESSERT? 2 scoop sundae from baskin robbins with rocky road, nutty coconut, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry!

41. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? anna karenina

42. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? the dumb gateway cow things

43. FAVORITE SOUNDS? my kids playing with my husband


45. THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME probably mexico..but i felt the farthest when i went away to college only 2 hours away.

46. IF YOU COULD PICK ANY TWO PEOPLE TO HAVE DINNER WITH, WHO WOULD THEY BE? my maternal grandmother who passed away when i was 3. and my dad.

Monday, June 19, 2006


why? why i ask? why cant i upload my pics??? i've been trying to since saturday!! ugh. anyway..i'm gonna try again! cuz i've got a few to put up here..

hope everyone had a fab fathers day. ours was nice with a little family bbq. didnt do *any* scrapping and i wasn't online at all yesterday either!! yup, thats a record for me!

didnt make the MME DT but lots of fabu girls did..and a big shout out to my late night chica Michelle Wood!!! her stuff freakin rocks the socks!!! can't wait to see what she'll do with their stuff!

okay i did a lo today for the how much is too much..and ya. i hate it. the challenge was to use 10 diff kinds of bling..and it was hard!! oh well. in other news, i was picked as a favorite on the number challenge blog!! yippee!!! totally made my monday!

peace out!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


i got some scrappin done tonight!! i am so totally diggin the new challenges on 2ps!! I did 2 tonight for the scraplyric one..if you dont know about it, check it out!! total inspiration like instantly!!

in other news, my June LO's for Diversity are up tonight! yahoo! love seeing everyone else's work..and now I get to finally post mine up at 2ps and here!! i think thats the hardest part of being on a DT..holding back your work! sheesh. well, that, and i'm horrible at keepin secrets lol. so anyway..i'll prob post those tomorrow or somethin!

today was kinda fun. took the girls to Liberty park to play. but i didnt check the weather before we left..and um, ya. it was kinda breezy and overcast. oh well, they had fun anyway and it didnt stop them from playing! and olivia made a little friend too :) it was fun to watch her playing with someone her age. after that we hit mcdonald's for more playing!! you'd think they'd be tuckered out by the time we got home, but no! lol.

anyway..i'm off to pea some more..then off to bed!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

its hot man!!

seriously..its been freakin hot here lately. and then, this one time, at band camp... jk!! really tho, it got all windy tonight and then cooled way the heck down *yippee* too hot. kids wont go outside. they complain about the heat. then it cools down. kids complain its too cool. yup, just like their momma!! lol.

did a couple of LO's today for some challenges on the 2ps. i'm not super thrilled with either of them, but i'm totally happy that i did the challenges, cuz it was fun!

so i realized today that father's day is this weekend. um ya. i suck. lol. i dont have any clue as to what to do for art. i mean, i'll prob make him a card, of which he'll read and then put in his drawer, never to be seen again. lol. i'd love to get him something..but what? i already bought him some rum..he bought himself some new headphones for the nano...olivia suggested a video game, but for one, they cost a heck of alot of moolah. and two, i don't know what game he wants. probably one that is like a bazillion $$. well at least i have a couple more days to figure it out!! lol.

Monday, June 12, 2006

yo its monday monday monday!!

do i sound excited for monday? ya, i kinda did and i dont know why! oh wait. i remember, cuz i got my June kit today!! yummy yum! had to wait till tonight to do a LO tho, because i ran out of adhesive! well, actually, i didnt run out of adhesive so much as i bought the un-refillable kind, duh!! so had to run to WM to pick one up so i could get some scrappin done!! wahooozle.

so, theres a challenge on the GS board over at 2ps for latina peas...and so i thought it would be cool to join it. i'm excited :D so here's my first lo for the challenge. the title is 'i am latina' and then my journaling is as follows: 'i am passionate. i am funny. i am sexy. i am a wife. i am a mother. i am a daughter. most importantly, i am a woman.'

the journaling had a lot to do with a convo on the mb about there not being much diversity in the sb industry. being latina has influenced a lot of my life of course, but its not the only thing that defines me. i am proud to be latina, just as i am proud to be american, just as i am proud to be a woman. i was really saddened by what i read on the see so much close mindedness. but thats reality i suppose, and all one can do is to just keep talking about it.

the subject of race has always been a hard one for me to have, as i am not one particular race. i'm half mexican, half white. but if you break it down, i'm like spanish, mexican, polish, german and lord knows what else, just like everyone else on this planet. i've always identified myself as being hispanic..even tho i grew up with a white mother; i haven't spoken spanish since i was very small. because i dont speak it my dad and i dont have a relationship. its a very touchy subject for me.

i believe we all have so much to learn from one another--why do we have to shut others out?? it makes no sense to me. i wish i saw more LO's in sb mags about different diverse men and women. i know someday it will happen. we just all have to keep submitting submitting submitting! show those mags we got what it takes to be pub'd and we are a growing part of the sb community!

holy long post batman!! lol. i'll step off my soapbox for now ;)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

sunday sunday

always a relaxing lazy day around here. and i love it that way :) took the girls to the church carnival and they had a blast riding on the rides. and me being the brilliant mom that i am--left the camera at home! duh. then afterwards we took them to the gateway to play in the fountains there. maya luuurved it of course, while olivia seems to be afraid of water lol. go figure. the kid begs to play in the sprinklers at home, yet you take her out specifically to play in water and she refuses. yup, mind boggling.

i only got one LO done today..but oh well, thats better than none! i'm not sure that tomorrow will be any better as we're expecting some company for the afternoon...but we'll see.

i'm also hoping to start getting up earlier..I feel like i'm sleeping my life away. well, actually i am. lol. its a vicious cycle i tell ya! I can't sleep at night, so I stay up late, usually peaing, then get to bed around 2..toss and turn till about 3:30 then wake up around 9:30 with the kiddos. When art is home he'll let me sleep in till the sun goes down! i know he's trying to help and be nice, but honestly the only way i seem to be able to wake up is if the kids are jumping on me!! isnt that horrible? i think it is. and its got to change. i just dont know how to get out of this funk. its wearing on me.

peace out!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

happy saturday!

how's it going? not too shabby myself. the kiddos are going with their poppa to the zoo this afternoon, so art and i are looking forward to some time alone :D might go see The Breakup. Afternoons without the kiddos are rare around here, so we have to try to make the most of it. Our original plan was to go grocery shopping--cuz its such a pain to take them with us. but then i thought, ugh, how exciting is that! lol. so we decided to see a movie instead.

Last night me and carolyn didnt hang for long--just went to the Training Table and had dinner. yum! i love their dipping sauce!! Anyways, I did a LO late last night while peaing...its called 'Love You Forever'. It was inspired by the effers..cuz once I got to thinking of book titles I had all these ideas! I can't believe that i had never looked to book titles as inspiration, duh!!!

Hope you have a happy saturday!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

its friday!!!

yay! so here's my LOAD combined with effer dare #31. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out..even tho its kinda busy :D

Any plans for the weekend? I dont really..just the same ol. I am going to hang with my bf carolyn..hopefully stop at Starbucks while we are out...or maybe hang at sonic, have a slushy and watch everyone cruising state street. yup. good ol cheap entertainment. really it doesnt matter what me and carolyn do--so long as we are together, laughin and enjoying our time away from the kiddos!! lol.

peace out!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

no call for me

but its cool, cuz like 2 of my friends did! so totally happy for them. i know my time will come ;) anywhoo...went on a shopping excursion to Joann's cuz i've never been there..and ya. I haven't been missing much. lol. but i did pick up some buttons that were on the cheap!!

so, i'm still working on the banner thingy. its not supposed to be a blue should be white. but at least its not as huge as it was before!! so, um, pardon the dust while i figure things out!!

heres my LOAD!

feelin blah

i dont know if its the weather..or what. maybe its cuz 2ps was down last night. or maybe its just that i'm on edge because I'm waiting for a DT announcement. I really want to make it..but as always, I'm afraid that my work isn't good enough, or what they are looking for. Ya. i think its the self doubt thats makin me feel blah. I've got a couple of errands to do today, so maybe I should do those and then come back and work on my LOAD..
happy thursday! :D

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

testing testing

my patience!! lol. um, ya. this banner thingy is really working me!! totally annoying that i can't get it the size i want!! ugh.
anywhooo..nothing exciting happening in my neck of the woods besides that 2ps is down. again. ya, that totally sucks! i'm missing my late night girls.

heres my LO of the day!

I'm here!

Okay, so i moved. yup, i finally took that leap and left my other blog. too much that couldn't be done there..and i finally have had enough!!! now, to spruce up this place!! gotta get my links working, get some pics...
lots of work to do!!

ps..i will have a link to my old blog just so i have the archives/pics etc. :D