Tuesday, June 27, 2006

if i had a million dollars......

did a lo today for the challenge on the me blog..dont know what i'm talking about?? check it out here:
totally awesome challenges and i so want this book!!
anyways, this lo was hard for me..not the design part silly! just the journaling. see, me and my mom hit kind of a rough patch when she moved. i'm working on moving past some feelings i have..and i think she is too. its always been this way with us--so tough, nothing comes easily. i dont know if you can read the journaling on the LO so here it is:
"we've had our ups and downs. to say its been a bumpy road wouldn't quite sum it up. you're my best friend, yet also my worst enemy. we are forever connected to each other, and i'm glad for it. our relationship is complicated, silly, deep and full of emotion. some days i wish i could change things;things i've said and done. and other days i realize that things are exactly how they're supposed to be."

if i had a million dollars....ok, I'm not BNL..but i do like that song..and it kinda goes along with the blog challenge for today. which is: If you won the all-time jackpot lottery today, share how it would change your lifestyle and list ten material things that you would buy.

  1. a home. not something overly extravagent. just a place that was comfy and cozy and someplace to raise my dd's in. a place big enough for me to have a scrapping room again. someplace big enough so that if the girls didnt want to share bedrooms they wouldnt have to.
  2. a dakota rt for art. or whatever big ol fancy fast truck he wants. he gave his up when we had olivia and it would make me so happy to see him soo happy :)
  3. a paintball shop/arena for art. he luuuurves him some paintball.
  4. a new car for me. but i have no idea what kind. maybe a landrover? i dont know. haven't ever really thought about it lol
  5. traveling. i want to travel. i've never been anywhere so going anywhere would be an adventure.
  6. shopping duh. all kinds of crazy shopping..like clothes for me and the kids..stuff for the house...oh..and i could have every scrapping goody in the world!! bwaaahaahaa
  7. a home for my il's.and financial security for them. i dont know if they would let us do that for them..but i guess we could at least pay off the mortgage on their existing home.
  8. a home for my mom.

ok. so i can't think of ten. sue me. i wonder what it would be like if that did happen to my family. i really dont need those things to be happy. i would just like to be secure..you know, not worry about finances so much. i'm sure art and i would get along better..or maybe we wouldnt? lol. who knows...but i'm sure it would get boring quick to have all that money..because eventually wouldn't you own everything that you ever dreamed of? and then what would you dream of??

peace out ya'lls!


melissa said...

I would buy a home for my mom too-more like her dream home. and lol at "duh shopping!" ;)

chris jenkins said...

great LO! I am currently debating getting the "Me" book.

you make a great point. If you had all the money in the world, it would eventually get boring. That is why I think rich people do all kinds of stupid things just to get a thrill.

great list!

Tiare said...

Very nice layout. It's good that you are working on your relationship with your mom. As for the list..my list would have much of the same, as well as donations to foundations/organizations that are close to my heart.

Colleen said...

i want the ME book so bad i can't stand it

thinking right up my ally for the dinero question. i'd also donate to the areas hit by katrina that are outside of NO like waveland MS and other areas of the gulf coast. they've been forgotten

Renee said...

Great LO, great list for the challenge!

rani said...

I love that layout! and a house for my parents would be cool too! Your blog is cool!

Keianna said...

My mom and I used to challenge each other as I was growing up, but now we are close and I consider her a good friend. Changes do happen.