Friday, August 31, 2007

yeah..we game.

this is how maya spends her morning while i work. she looks quite comfy, doesnt she? sometimes i feel guilty that she spends part of the morning playing with the gameboy so that i can work..but i figure an hour of games wont do her much harm. besides, we all game, right? i know my family does. art has his ps2--which i know he'd love a ps3--but at 599, that aint gonna happen for a while! and for my birthday last month, art bought me a pink DS. i love it. its fun to cozy up in bed, him playing god of war, and me playing cake mania lol.

today is orientation for maya's preschool..and then scenes like the one above won't be happening. she'll be spending 2.5 hours learning, singing and playing! she can't wait...and neither can i :)
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

the day drags..

i'm not sure yet if its bc olivia is in school until 2..or if its my lack of really doing anything. i mean, i get up. feed maya. talk with maya. work a little. then i surf the web. and then the day is gone. but whats weird about that, is that come 4pm..i'm like man, this day is going by slow. i dont know how it can be both, but in my world, appearantly its possible.

so yesterday i scrapped. it wasnt painful or anything either! and i actually like how it turned out. bonus :)
today i dont know if that is going to happen again..bc well, i'll just be totally honest. art is off today, so i slept in. let him take olivia to school and tend to maya. so yeah. here i am with a sleep hangover, and i dont want to work, i just want to bang on my keyboard all day :P
ok that was lame. but for reals, i just dont feel like working. i want to shower and just hang with maya. i can always work later, right?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

and this time i didnt cry..

and neither did maya! olivia looked so cute on her first day of school--1st grade!! i can't believe how fast this summer went by, it sort of feels like it hadnt even really begun. ::sigh::
anyways, she had a great first day and made some new friends. i couldnt ask for more :)

maya will be starting next week and she can't wait. its been absolute torture just dropping off/picking up olivia. she just doesnt understand why she can't stay there too. but in time, i tell her..just a little while longer. i think its so great that both of them love school so much, and i really hope it stays that way for a long time!

not much else going on right now..planning a little vegas trip with carolyn for next month, so i seriously can't wait for that! been working lots and not doing too much scrapping. still trying to find that balance. again.
happy hump day =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

ever have one of those days?

so last night i had one of the most horrible dreams, i think i've ever had. i dreamt that maya died. i dont know how or why..but she did. soon afterward, in the dream, i had another baby girl. and she looked just like maya. but it wasnt her. i was devastated. i was crying so hard, i actually woke myself up. it was horrible. i kind of have a feeling i know why i dreamt this--last night, before bed, i punished maya for playing with their dvd's and losing one of the cases. and inside--i felt bad for it. i mean, it seemed so trivial--yet its important for her to know that dvd's are not toys. anyways, i must've felt much worse than i thought i did. so today, i feel outta whack...blah. but i'm so happy that my dream is over and i can kiss and hug maya and olivia today--doesnt that sound silly? anyways, thank goodness that children are naturally forgiving =)
yesterday was kind of a blah day too. i'm slowly trying to get myself back to normal, so i tried to scrap. can i just say ICK! i mean, i was enjoying myself, but i really hate what i created and that was not cool. i need to get out of this funk, i'm so tired of it! i've tried stepping away, i've tried looking at magazines..lots of magazines--domino, allure, in style, lucky, simple name it. and nothing. i mean, i see lots of pretty things..but nothing that makes me want to scrapbook. ::sigh:: i miss enjoying scrapbooking. anyways, enough of that--today i'm going to scrap and not putting any pressure on myself for it to be perfect. i think thats the problem. so today..its about fun :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

missing her..

today she is doing the relay for life in paso robles..
i wish i was there with her, to laugh with her, encourage her, and see her finish it. she's been talking about this relay all summer..she was so happy to be apart of it, and to be able to join in the survivors breakfast. she said it was very emotional, and i can only imagine.
so's to you, always being strong, always being happy..and SURVIVING.
i love you.

Monday, August 13, 2007


wow. i almost totally disappeared there. totally sucked into real life for a bit. been working..working and did i mention working?? bc thats what i've been doing. here's a recap of the last month
  • turned 29
  • got a new tile floor in the kitchen
  • olivia lost 2 new teeth
  • both girls registered for school
  • got a new fridge
  • got new flat screen monitor

and not much else :P i guess we did lots of shopping..but nothing really fun besides the new monitor lol. i havent even really scrapped except for this lame ass crop me and a friend went to--can i just say that owners dropping the f-bomb just kills the mojo? yeah. not so fun. i did get some lo's done but i've been so damn lazy that i havent even scanned them. maybe that can be my goal this week hehehe.

i was tagged by my chica jocelynne so that is::

5 Things in my refrigerator:

1. milk

2. a-1

3. herdez green salsa

4. cream cheese

5.capri suns

5 Things in my car:

1. sunglasses



4.denim jacket

5.empty cups

5 Things in my purse or backpack: wallet nano

3.2 mac lipglosses, 1 in pinkarat, 1 in viva glam

4.mac compact


5 Things in my closet:

1.last years xmas presents

2.wrapping paper and gift bags




5 Things in the world I want to see before I die:

1.the met in nyc england in fall children grown and happy grown and happy =)

ok so i think thats about it for now..i'm so boring!