Monday, August 13, 2007


wow. i almost totally disappeared there. totally sucked into real life for a bit. been working..working and did i mention working?? bc thats what i've been doing. here's a recap of the last month
  • turned 29
  • got a new tile floor in the kitchen
  • olivia lost 2 new teeth
  • both girls registered for school
  • got a new fridge
  • got new flat screen monitor

and not much else :P i guess we did lots of shopping..but nothing really fun besides the new monitor lol. i havent even really scrapped except for this lame ass crop me and a friend went to--can i just say that owners dropping the f-bomb just kills the mojo? yeah. not so fun. i did get some lo's done but i've been so damn lazy that i havent even scanned them. maybe that can be my goal this week hehehe.

i was tagged by my chica jocelynne so that is::

5 Things in my refrigerator:

1. milk

2. a-1

3. herdez green salsa

4. cream cheese

5.capri suns

5 Things in my car:

1. sunglasses



4.denim jacket

5.empty cups

5 Things in my purse or backpack: wallet nano

3.2 mac lipglosses, 1 in pinkarat, 1 in viva glam

4.mac compact


5 Things in my closet:

1.last years xmas presents

2.wrapping paper and gift bags




5 Things in the world I want to see before I die:

1.the met in nyc england in fall children grown and happy grown and happy =)

ok so i think thats about it for now..i'm so boring!


PROLIX said...


Could I ask you how do you find
the french scrapbooking papers & accents
I hand drew/designed, please?
It's the dream of my life.
here :

In advance, merci beaucoup for your precious time offered.

Bonne journée,

With regards,


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

i think i'd fit right in at that lss! lol wth is that ad up there???

anyway, your list isn't boring!

sounds like you've been busy!

Anilu Magloire said...

So glad to have you back in blogland!!
I missed you :)