Thursday, July 30, 2009

'member? you 'member!

*turned 31 last week. or as i like to call it "the one year anniversary of my 30th bday"

*had a fabulous party that art threw for me. it was a sort of surprise. sort of.

*i 'member parts of it. some i dont. thats how you know i had a good time :D
it took me until monday to feel normal. damn jello shots and pineapple vodka. oh yeah..and that empty stomach of mine.

*i got every single thing i wanted for my bday. yes, i'm spoiled. and by everything single thing, i mean that everyone i wanted at my party, showed up. i am loved :)

*speaking of ppl i love that came to my party: miss marissa is one of them. love her to bits. and i miss her already.

*also, on an unrelated note: sunday morning/afternoon we discovered that our toilet seat was broken. another sign that the party was great, i think.

*um..lets see. my hair is still purple..but it still doesnt photograph well as witnessed below:
its way brighter in person. lame.

*i really dig blogging bullet style. so much easier than forming actual paragraphs. i mean, who does that anyway?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

things on my mind as of late

*this summer is going by too fast. scratch that. this entire year is.

*olivia turned 8, yet is acting 18. pffft.

*im missing my mom more than ever.

*the one year anniversary of my 30th bday is just days away..

*this time of year is proving more difficult than i expected. or its exactly what i expected.

*i miss scrapbooking, yet cant bring myself to do anything about it. it hurts too much to put down on paper everything that my mom has missed this year.

*being a dog owner is rewarding and sweet..but also annoying, 24/hr maintenence. im you can imagine how much i enjoy being at sugar's beckon call.

*i desperately want a new phone, yet dont want to pay for it. specifically the mytouch 3g. its identical software wise, yet waaaaay hotter than my g1. as an aside, why why why cant tmobile have 3g in my area?? ps: thank god for wi-fi.

*addicted to watching makeup tutorials on youtube.
*also addicted to MAC. its sad that the girls at the nordies counter know carolyn and i when we go in.

*seriously considering taking makeup artist classes next year.

*part of my hair is a bright purple, would love to post pics, yet my camera doesnt think thats a good idea.

*playing freecell before i go to sleep seems to help me wind down. i find this strange.