Wednesday, May 14, 2008

some of the best news ever..

so i havent posted much about my mom lately--mostly because I've just been super worried about her. yes, she was in remission. actually, she still is. but they wanted her to go through radiation. on her brain. and i about freaked. radiation is serious. not that chemo isnt. because it is. but radiation? yeah. i didnt take it well. so shes been going everyday for about 2 weeks now..and while i can tell that it is taking its toll on her, she has been a trooper, always being upbeat and positive. but still, i could tell that she was scared, and that really scared me. anyways, she got the best news yesterday..this friday will be her last day of radiation, instead of having to continue for the next 2 weeks! i'm so happy that she is responding to the treatment so well. it was such a relief!

so that is my good news for the week--hell maybe even the year.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

it was a pretty day..

and also the perfect day to meet up with chastity and her friend mark. me and chas started talking a few months back at sistv, and a friendship formed. only problem was she lived in tennessee! but, lucky for me she has lots of friends here, so she came to visit this last week. it was so fun to finally meet her and to do some scrap shopping. and we really couldnt have planned it better, since it was national scrapbook day on saturday, so we got lots of stuff on sale! i even tried something new--chipotle! it was pretty good, but i can't say that i'd replace it with cafe rio, they will always be my fave.
and sadly, even though i did pick up a few things while shopping, i STILL havent scrapped in months. i need more time!! seriously. just last week i got a promotion at one of my jobs, so hopefully once the girls are out of school, i'll be able to quit the other job--which means lots more time! i can't wait! i sooo need a vacay. and i miss scrapping.