Thursday, October 30, 2008

just a thought..

you should pop on over to the ITAK blog and check out the new layout I posted!!

oh, and I got bored today and decided to take some more pics of my new haircut. the only problem is, you cant really see the cut lol. but i think i look cute anyways!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i'm pretty lame. nothing really to update about. i'm still obsessed with my new phone. its so cool, i really can't put it down. and i dont think that i'll ever go back to a 'normal' phone again. what can i say, i'm a phone nerd now.

lets see..i got my haircut this weekend, i'm still trying to figure out if i like it or not. i mean, i do like it, but why is it that once i get home i can never emulate what they did in the salon? its so annoying. and to add to that, my flat iron broke the grrr. i'm so mad; i've been using my back up one, which, lets face it, it just doesnt do the job. so i'm thinking of jumping on the Chi bandwagon. its just a matter of convincing art that i really do need it. lol. so here is a pic of the cut, not styled quite as i'd prefer:

so yeah..thats about all thats happening with me. work, sleep work. and i have a cold apparently, that just popped up last night around midnight. lovely.


Monday, October 13, 2008

current obsessions..

so, the thing that is most on my mind lately..this new phone:

currently i have a sidekick slide, while it did suit my needs for a while, its really frustrating the limitations it has when it comes to the web. and i really have wanted to get an iphone, but i LOVE my carrier and didnt want to switch. so, enter this phone. its got a new OS that was developed by google--and if you know me, then you know i happen to love all things google. so i preordered this phone like a month ago, and it should be delivered somewhere around the 22nd. i so cant wait. i've turned into such a nerd reading all the techie blogs i can find about this phone. i may need some professional help lol. and incase i've piqued your curiousity, you can read more about it here

my other obsession, is really just an old one thats been rekindled. reading. ahh how i love a new book with crisp, unopened pages. i really never had time when the kids were little, but recently i've started making more time for it..and i get to start marking some titles off of my must read list. the last one i read was it was very good, just as all the reviews had said it would be. but heres what i wonder, am i the only one who doesnt like reading a book just because its gotten good reviews/or is on the NYtimes best sellers list? i hate to jump on a bandwagon, so i waited till the hype died down. and currently i'm reading this book, and i just can't put it down:

thats pretty much all i've been doing lately. well, actually i've been getting back into soap operas too--mainly just General Hospital. i know, lame. but seriously, my mom used to watch the show when i was little, so i'm familiar with the characters and stuff, but i feel so freakin old seeing how old all the actors are! and its got me hooked. can't get enough! any other GH fans out there?? please tell me i'm not alone! lol

Thursday, October 09, 2008

fall is delish

i love fall. i love the smells, the sounds..everything. and it always makes me want to bake. something i inherited from my mom i think..she was an amazing cook and did wonders with all things ooey and gooey. in the last week i've already baked 2 batches of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. i just can't get enough of them! and the more i make them the more i want to bake other things, like i really have a hankering for maccaroons. i dont know why. they arent very fall-ish. but they sound soo good. the day before yesterday i baked brownies and added butterscotch chips to them--they didnt even last through the next day!

this has been a totally random post..but i figure its better to be random than to not post at all :)


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It was lovely

It rained all day was awesome. I love the smell of rain,
the sound of the cars swooshing thru the puddles on the
street..especially while I lay covered up in my bed. It was definitely a
movie day. By sunday, the rain had cleared and left behind cooler temps,
which really made me want to take a nice long walk outside. I even got
art to join us :)
We live close by this trail that is just beautiful this time of
year..perfect spots here and there to snap a few pictures.
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