Monday, November 19, 2007

7 years ago, yesterday

i said i do. and i meant it.
my boyfriend became my husband, my lover, my confidant, my best friend, the man i would have children with.

i wont say we havent had ups and downs. lots of downs actually. but i hope that most of the turbulent times are behind us. we deserve some good happy times. 7 years is a long time...and i hope we have 5x more ahead of us. he is a great daddy. and a fantastic husband (most of the time lol).
i have been blessed.

Friday, November 16, 2007

holiday trees

can you believe the boutique is here?! geez, this week just flew by!
here are two of the four 'holiday trees' i have made for the boutique..the blue one measures about 12inches high and the red one measures about 18inches. the other two that i have are also of the red/green color combo..and they are also 12inches. they were super fun to make, but seriously time consuming at first! but now i think i've got the hang of it! whats funny is i've been calling them topiaries, and no one knows what i'm talking about, and appearantly these arent really topiaries anyways :P so i have christened them 'holiday trees'. to get the supplies for the trees you can just head on over to out on a limb :D
anyways, there will also be lots of cards and picture frames as well, but i havent had time to take any pictures, so you definitely need to come check them out tonight!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

been gettin crafty..

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for this! its been in the planning stages with some other local moms for the last month or so..and me, being the procrastinator i am, just barely got most of my stuff done today :D but so far so good. even had carolyn come over to help with a few things. so, if you're local, i'm hoping you'll be there!! there will be tons of stuff, plus you can grab a burger at hires! whats better than that? i will have almost all the cards that are on my etsy, plus quite a few christmas cards, and home decor items like picture frames, a mirror or two, and some topiaries.

in other news, we are in the process of buying a house, so thats super fun. NOT! it is super stressful though. but i'm really excited to have our own home again. and we just got a new car last month, and i love it. its so nice to not have to rely on carolyn to drag my butt everywhere lol. plus i think the last time i enjoyed this much was when i first got my license lol. the girls love the new car too..they are constantly asking if we can go somewhere last weekend we took a trip up Big Cottonwood. Too bad we missed the fall colors :( but it was fun to just spend an afternoon outdoors. the girls even got to play in some snow. i havent had a chance to edit them yet..but here are a few pics::

so hope eveyone is having a wonderful veterans day weekend..and i'm hoping to post some pics of the projects i've been working on for the boutique in the next couple of days :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

i'm a cherry girl!!!

i met kate and lindsay about a month or so ago at the local scrapbook expo. i can't even explain how excited i was to find a lss that actually carried hambly, bam pop and love elsie. seriously. and then to see that they actually had *new* product at the expo was just icing on the cake. for reals. i so can't wait to get started!!
come check them out!