Monday, September 21, 2009


--i really love this picture i took at the fair. not so much the bald dude with sunglassess, but whatevs.

--how i know i'm old:: the last few times i drank, admittedly too now takes me 2-3 days to recover. ouch. PS:: tequila=no bueno

--currently obsessed with nail polish, specifically sephora by opi's metro chic. <3
but i also love lincoln park after dark.

--so excited about fall being just around the corner. makes me want to cook and bake and clean the house. i think art is probably excited about this prospect as well. heehee.

--saw boys II men in concert last friday. they sound exactly.the.freaking.same. wth? then they went on to say that they've been together for 19 years. wha?? yeah. like i needed another reminder about just how old i am. sheesh. yes, i did take pictures. and a video. and they all suck ass. i hate my camera. i have *one* picture that might be freaking legible. wait, is that the right word? who knows. anyway, i'll post those next time i blog. in 2 months lol.
--also, i've been doing some fall window shopping. ahh.. how i love to spend money. however, i'm going to try to be very, very good and not get too much new stuff. we'll see. i'm trying to tell myself that i need want what i have and not what i dont. i know theres some kind of like saying thats like that. but i cant think of it off hand. you get the idea.
--and since i'm trying to be all like budget wise and shizz, i'll maybe do a post of my favorite fall findings again. like i did with the spring stuff. only because i need a reason to blog :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

once a year..

went to the fair is what we did:
-had pizza, philly cheesesteak, hot dogs, churros, slurpees, deep fried twinkies & caramel apples

-watched the girls having a blast inside all the fun houses and sliding down ginormous slides

saw the strangest things ever, thanks to art, who indulged me and actually paid for me to see all of it =)

*worlds smallest woman (really just a dwarf. with dreads. i was disappointed. i dont know what i expected though)
*worlds smallest horse (a pony? lol. the sign said it was only 10inches tall when it was born. hmph.)
*a snake with a head of a beautiful girl (hahaha. yeah right. it was an old lady with a head sticking out of a platform. no snake body. oh yeah, and i think she smoked. her voice was really raspy, and the girls were too afraid to talk to her hahahaha)
*2 nosed cow (yes , really)
*6 legged steer
*2 headed cat (in a jar. gross.)

anyways..a good time was had by all..and my feet still hurt. and the sham wow guy..there is almost always the same hot british guy there. yeah..not this year :( i was sad. and didnt buy any this time lol.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

i know, i know.

*i'm a horrible blogger. i can admit that. and admitting it is half the battle, right?

*summer went too fast. so many things i still didnt get to, camping. i tried to convince art. but he wasnt feeling it. maybe next year?

*cut my hair. colored it. had to get rid of the purple. i mean, i'm so 3008 and that hair was so 2008. hehe. so yeah. now, my hair is black on on the bottom. and i have super short fringe-y bangs. love it. makes me feel kinda fresh, modern. its nice.

*been playing with love it. almost as much as i love
almost. but..i guess it would help if i took some damn pictures every once in while.

*speaking of which..i'm contemplating going to the sb expo. yeah i said sb expo. i mean, i havent scrapped since like, what, february? so what.

*something random: i often blog in my head at night, when i'm supposed to be going to sleep. i have all these rad things to blog..and then yeah. the next day, not so much. what gives?
i wish i had something witty or interesting to talk about it. but yeah...nope.

until next time..