Monday, September 21, 2009


--i really love this picture i took at the fair. not so much the bald dude with sunglassess, but whatevs.

--how i know i'm old:: the last few times i drank, admittedly too now takes me 2-3 days to recover. ouch. PS:: tequila=no bueno

--currently obsessed with nail polish, specifically sephora by opi's metro chic. <3
but i also love lincoln park after dark.

--so excited about fall being just around the corner. makes me want to cook and bake and clean the house. i think art is probably excited about this prospect as well. heehee.

--saw boys II men in concert last friday. they sound exactly.the.freaking.same. wth? then they went on to say that they've been together for 19 years. wha?? yeah. like i needed another reminder about just how old i am. sheesh. yes, i did take pictures. and a video. and they all suck ass. i hate my camera. i have *one* picture that might be freaking legible. wait, is that the right word? who knows. anyway, i'll post those next time i blog. in 2 months lol.
--also, i've been doing some fall window shopping. ahh.. how i love to spend money. however, i'm going to try to be very, very good and not get too much new stuff. we'll see. i'm trying to tell myself that i need want what i have and not what i dont. i know theres some kind of like saying thats like that. but i cant think of it off hand. you get the idea.
--and since i'm trying to be all like budget wise and shizz, i'll maybe do a post of my favorite fall findings again. like i did with the spring stuff. only because i need a reason to blog :D