Friday, September 11, 2009

once a year..

went to the fair is what we did:
-had pizza, philly cheesesteak, hot dogs, churros, slurpees, deep fried twinkies & caramel apples

-watched the girls having a blast inside all the fun houses and sliding down ginormous slides

saw the strangest things ever, thanks to art, who indulged me and actually paid for me to see all of it =)

*worlds smallest woman (really just a dwarf. with dreads. i was disappointed. i dont know what i expected though)
*worlds smallest horse (a pony? lol. the sign said it was only 10inches tall when it was born. hmph.)
*a snake with a head of a beautiful girl (hahaha. yeah right. it was an old lady with a head sticking out of a platform. no snake body. oh yeah, and i think she smoked. her voice was really raspy, and the girls were too afraid to talk to her hahahaha)
*2 nosed cow (yes , really)
*6 legged steer
*2 headed cat (in a jar. gross.)

anyways..a good time was had by all..and my feet still hurt. and the sham wow guy..there is almost always the same hot british guy there. yeah..not this year :( i was sad. and didnt buy any this time lol.

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