Wednesday, October 31, 2007


the girls got to dress up in their costumes for school. :) olivia is a witch, and maya is a bride. then after maya was done with school she came with me to work for a halloween potluck..and can i just say..sometimes other people's food just doesnt live up to your own expectations. :P
but the desserts were good :)
after olivia finished school we headed to the park and looked at ginormous leaves..climbed the monkey bars and rode a horse. not a real horse though..just a little bouncy one. it was nice. and cool. and just..nice.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

mama said.. that would've totally been a cool photo..if the mirror was clean :P
been missing her alot lately..maybe its the hormones..maybe its just the time of year (being that its close to the holidays). or maybe its just that i'm so freakin busy lately that my emotions are finally catching up with me. anyways.. when we were talking the other day on the phone, my mom said she'd noticed the last few times we'd talked, that i sounded happy. and i said 'me?, happy?, really?' lol. made me feel a little....well, happy, to hear that. i felt happy. and it felt good.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

once upon a time

it was licky's birthday

so we decided a surprise party was in order...

complete with cake and presents...

yes..i actually bought a cake and presents for the stuffed cat. and might i add, that it wasnt just maya's licky but also olivia's licky. isnt that kind of a strange name for a stuffed cat? and its weird that both the girls named their kittens that. but i'm a sucker. and it was so fun to have a little party for really no reason at all. the girls were so stinkin surprised and so happy..and it cost me less than 10 bucks!

i've been sick the last week or so..i have this cold that just won't let go. blah. so i've just been working and laying low, not really doing much of anything else. i do have a few lo's to share from LSS2 and top designer but i think i'll upload them in a day or so.

happy thursday!