Thursday, May 31, 2007

you've got questions...ive got answers

saw the 20 questions thinger over on anilu's blog and thought it would be fun..

1. regular or diet soda: usually its iced tea. but when i do drink soda, it has to be dr pepper. unless we're at mcdonalds, and then its coke

2. salt or pepper: i'm a pepper girl

3. hot or cold weather: can i say neither? i hate hot or cold. i like a perfect 75.

4. dogs or cats: unless it can poop in the toilet--neither

5. dieting or exercise: exercise. fo shizzle. bc there is no way i'm givin up yummy food

6. cooking or doing dishes: ick neither! if i had it my way we'd have a cook and a maid :P

7. sleeping or shopping: like you have to ask. of course, SHOPPING!

8. Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse: is it strange that i've never been to either one? if i had to pick i'd pick outback bc i like me a good filet mignon ;)

9. classical or hip hop music: hip hop :)

10. dancing or playing sports: dancing.

11. back rub or foot rub: back rub!
12. fruits or vegetables: fruits!
13. Grey's Anatomy or House: greys! heck yes. love that mcdreamy.

14. coffee or tea: chai tea thank you :D

15. curling up with a good book or a night out on the town: night on the town duh. i can read any ol' time!

16. Straight hair or curly hair: straight. but i have curly hair lol.

17. skirts or shorts: bermuda shorts

18. burgers/hot dogs or Chinese food: lets see. cheeseburgers. and um chili cheese dogs from weinerschnitzel hehe

19. vacationing in Switzerland or Mexico: mexico all the way baby

20. sports car or SUV: bmw x5. or maybe an acura mdx.

Copy, paste and play along!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

feelin like the ick..

blech. thats how i've been feeling since i got back from cali.
and my mojo is still freakin no where to be found. i hate that.
bc i have this want. this urge to like make something...but i just
cant. and when i try it comes out looking like crap. luckily i squeezed
out that lo up there and i actually kinda digged it. but that could be
more that i liked the person in the pic than the actual lo. do you ever get like that? seems to be happening so much to me lately where i'm just
not satisfied with my work. sigh.

in other news olivia's last day of school is friday! i can't wait to sleep in
till 8. can i get a HOLLA! seriously. sleep is mucho precious to me and i
feel like i get so little.

and ooh yeah. ikea opened here last week. hell yes. i've been of course
salivating over their website for years, but have never stepped foot
into one until last sunday. and man. seriously. the textiles area was
like a feast for my eyes. not so much for my wallet lol. got a few cute things like throw pillows and slipcovers, an apron and some mirrors.
not much else that we 'needed' at the time ha! but i'll be back. oh yes.
bc they have the most awesomest little playroom for the kiddies. and
the girls loved it. now thats what i call shopping!

ok well i'm off to do the laundry thats been screaming at me since i came
home from cali...i've been ignoring it so well, however art is not appreciating that one little bit. ugh. but to wear clean undies IS important so off i go.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

say what?

so i've been safely home since monday night..and man. did things ever change over night. my mom called me tuesday afternoon bc she had an appt. with her oncologist about the pathology reports on her tumor.
i knew it was bad by the sound of her voice. but i wasn't expecting what she told me. the dr told her they were wrong. she didnt have ovarian cancer. never did. she has LUNG CANCER. and it spread to her ovaries. they are guessing that she is in the beginning of stage 4. the reason they are 'guessing' is bc they started her chemo yesterday. they are doing a very aggressive treatment and want to get thru it before they stop to do a biopsy. they are really hoping that chemo will shrink the mass in her lung--and will not spread to her brain. but again, we wont know for about a month at least.
anyways..its in god's hands. i was so sad that i couldnt be there with her for her first chemo treatment. but she was super positive about it..and not nearly as scared as i was.

so now about my trip--i didnt throw up on the airplane, so that was awesome lol. but i can honestly tell you that i would be perfectly happy with my life if i never had to fly again! seriously. so lets mom lives in this town called san miguel. and its super small. they are 'famous' for the san miguel mission, which is just beautiful!! and old. i loved that. took lots of pics. oh and i've been so lazy that most of them are some of them are crappy. and others i think are just gorgeous :)

this is what you see when you first drive into the town off the freeway.

so this place is pretty old..and monks still live there! would've been cool to be able to go inside, but being that it was sunday they were in the middle of mass. so we just walked around the outside, and then my mom took me over to the cemetary where they bury the monks and i think some fathers (priests) have been buried there too. i got these shots of the cemetary::

some of these arent so good bc i was on the other side of the wall. but i think most came out pretty good. oh, and we went to morro bay..but i'll save those for another post..dont want blogger to kick me out for posting too many pics lol.
so thats it for now..i'm gonna try to clean up this mess on my desk..and maybe even scrap.

Friday, May 18, 2007

i'm leavin on a jet plane...

yep. i'm almost all packed. just need to get my toiletries packed up. i love saying that word. like it almost makes me feel grown up.hehe.

the girls are having a playdate right now so i thought i'd take this
quiet moment to post quickly before i'm off :)

i did this thinger the other day that like distorts/morphs your face..i can't remember what site it was. i should've saved it duh. BUT i did save
the pics to share with you lovlies.
the one up top is me as an ape. gotta love it. i'm actually kinda
cute as an ape, no?

this one is of me as a cartoon. i dig it. i sometimes wish my eyes were that big. certainly would take the focus off of my triple chins!

and i actually really like this one. i look so purdy.

good lord this one is ugly. its me old. but really..its just plain scary. for reals.

ok so thats it for me today. see ya'll next week!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

freakin hilarious

evolution of dance


hehe. you'll thank me for it later i'm sure.


hump day

and it really feels like it. i'm like wanting this week to go by super slow bc i'm worried sick about flying out on friday. i know thats totally lame--bc i'm way stoked to see my mom and to be kid free for a few days. its just the getting there thats got me freaked. i did a bunch of laundry yesterday so i'd have some options of what to take. and the more i think about it, the more i'm scared! aaaaah! its so annoying. i dont want to be all anxious about flying. which i'm really not. its just that i'm really convinced that i'm going to get lost at LAX. oh and that i think they'll make me check my bag. which i dont want to do. why? bc then that will add one more place i have to find. lol. its so ridiculous that it makes me laugh.
and bc i'm all freaked about flying, i'm trying to occupy my time with scrapping. not really working. but can i just say how much i love poppy ink? mmm. LOVE.
so im sitting here, peaing and i came across the challenge on the GS to scrap about 3 things that dont belong on my desk. as i look around i couldnt find anything really that didnt belong. i mean i have piles. those dont belong. but that is the norm lol. under my piles i found a box of new checks that i forgot i ordered. and i found my lotion that i've been looking for for the last few days. duh. i dont know how it ended up here. but really..everything else belongs. i just wish it were in its place and not in gobs of piles in front of me.
so its nice out. like really nice. like slurpee weather. love those. maybe i'll walk the kiddies over there later to get one. but really what i want to do is scrap. i want to do this bc i have the perfect email in mind. and i want to do this bc i think i have a good pic for it. we'll see. ooh..and its soon to be kelly's bday too. so i need to get her card and schtuff together to send out tomorrow. i was kinda hoping we'd get to meet this weekend since we wont be far from eachother, but i dont know yet if we will. so weird and neat that someone i met a year ago online (2ps) has become part of my daily life. a great friend. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i totally forgot.

isnt that little chickie up there the cutest ever?? i love her mucho. it was hard to part with her and her 7 sisters. but hey..had to let the moms in our family know they were loved right? and who better to do that then them? seriously those stamps are gettin some mileage lately. love it.

ok so i totally forgot that laura tagged me. so im gonna do it now before i forget again, bc we know that i will.
10 weird facts about me:
  • as soon as i walk in the door at home, i have to pee. it doesnt matter if i was only gone for 5 minutes. i still have to pee. some kind of weird latch key kid thing. i dunno.
  • i make weird sighing noises whenever i put on my seatbelt, roll over in bed etc. i didnt even realize it until like a few weeks ago carolyn was laughing at me for it.
  • i'm a tapper. when i dip my fries in ketchup, i tap off the excess. when i dip my chips into dip..yep i tap. i never realized that until carolyn pointed it out. she seems to have a keen sense of observation huh?
  • before i go to bed, after i've locked all the doors and turned off the lights i go to the bathroom. not necessarily bc i have to, just habit.
  • it takes me approx. 45-60 mins to fall asleep at night. if not longer. but if i lay down during the day, it takes me about 10 minutes tops.
  • i only like to eat at restaraunts that i've eaten at before. oh, and i order the same things over and over. like if we go to the other place, i get the chicken pasta salad. always. if we hit up old spaghetti factory, its meatballs and spaghetti with thousand island dressing on the side for my salad. yep. i'm predictable. altho it does really make it hard for me to try new things lol.
  • i love hip hop/r&b but really dont like that much rap. now maybe thats not weird, but to me it is. it seems if i like one i should like the other, but i dont really.
  • if there are dishes in my sink i feel like my entire house is filthy. and if i want to cook and there are dishes in the sink, i have to wash them first.
  • for some reason, everytime me and the girls leave the house, we all seem to coordinate. i dont do it on purpose, but it happens. sometimes its really cute. and most of the time i get asked if the girls are twins.
  • when i sit down to do a lo, it takes me like 45mins to actually pick out my paper and pics, but once thats done it takes me about 10 mins to get the page together. i think that 45mins is really just me peaing.

so we started up the job charts again for the girls..and i'm hoping that it really helps. so far so good. maya of course needs more prodding. thats my girl. she likes to procrastinate.

oh, and the other day i was sitting here making those mothers day cards and remembered that i needed to do a bday card for brit, which then led me to think about what i could make her for her bday. then i realized that i have all this stinkin felt sitting here..why not sew up some barrettes? so i did. and now i'm obsessed. in fact, i even made a late night run to walmart to get a glue gun and some more felt. and can i just say that going to walmart at 11pm the day before mothers day is like going there on xmas eve?? ugh. but it was pretty worth it. i'll try to post some pics before i head out to cali this weekend. so excited and nervous eeeeeeek!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

had a playdate today..and i ended being there by myself! grr. that really kinda perturbs me. i mean..i know ppl have lives and all..but one can make it? makes me feel like i have the plague lol. anyways the girls and i had a great time ..we took juice and some snacks and had a little picnic under a tree. the weather is just awesome today--i just wish my allergies would go away! i have the worst sinus headache right now. and the last cpl days i've been waking up with migranes, which i'm sure are really allergy related. blah.

i've been feeling really lazy the last few much so that i havent even done laundry yet this week..or even started working on mothers day stuff. which i really need to get hoppin on that. like today. lol.

i thought this meme looked like fun that sophia posted::


Two Names I Go by: mommy and mo. not in that order

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: pink bermuda shorts and a white tank with bling on it. love it.

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: passion and affection. mucho importante

Two of My Favorite Things to do: snug with my kids....and shop!

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: to see my mom. and to have some ice cream lol.

Two pets I have: um, do kids count? lol. right now we dont have any pets even tho i desperately want a dog. however, i dont want to clean up the art says ixnay on the dog.

Two things I did last night: made dinner..and tended to olivia while she threw up :( poor thing

Two things I ate today: a bagel turkey sandwich and some ruffles :)

Two people I just talked to last: my mom last night..and the girls today

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: going to the post office to mail my moms mothers day card...and i have no idea lol.

Two longest car rides:driving to cali to see my dad. and probably driving to mexico with my dad. i think the drive is about 54 hours long from his house to jalisco.

Two Favorite Holidays: xmas and my birthday lol. my birthday is a holiday afterall. well at least here it is :)

Two favorite beverages: dr arizona green tea. but if were talking grown up beverages i love jaeger bombs and amaretto sours.

happy thursday all! i'm anxiously counting down the hours until greys :)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007 this weather we've been having the last few perfect; idyllic i guess you could say. not too cold, not too hot. just right.

havent been scrapping much the last few days..i dont know. i'm in some kind of weird funk. seems like with the warm weather that i wake up with my nose all dry..and i have a headache first thing in the morning! blah. i wonder tho, is it possible to become addicted to aleve? bc i'm taking it just about every day! geez. i made that card up there ^^ today for laura's birthday...i'm diggin it. i like the tulle the most i think. or maybe i like the chick skull. i dont know. oh..and if you wanna know where i picked her up..check this place out. seriously IN LOVE with their stuff. for reals.

so the challenge from sophia today is to blog 10 emotions and heres mine:

  1. worried--bc a week from this friday i'm flying out to see my mom. and i'm worried about how my girls will be while i'm gone..
  2. scared--to fly in the airplane. lol. i'm sooo freaking afraid of heights its not funny. and i've flown before..but never alone. wish me luck!
  3. anxious--bc i think i might get lost at LAX and miss my connecting flight
  4. excited--olivia is almost done with her first year of school! and that means that maya will be starting pre-k in just a few months!
  5. hot--is that an emotion? well anyways, thats how i'm feeling right now bc its about 80 stinkin degrees in my house!
  6. thoughtful--all these ideas, thoughts, emotions are just running thru my mind all day. but mostly at night, which makes it hard for me to sleep. or think. go figure.
  7. sad--whenever i think about my mom. im trying to stay positive. but sometimes a girl just needs to feel sad, kwim? just simmer in it. let it sink in. think it through.
  8. hopeful--that eventually my mojo will be back really fast. bc i miss it so. as do all my scrappies.
  9. reclusive--so i'm noticing a pattern lately..i'm not connecting. like with art, with c..or even with k. and sometimes even with my mom. or my kids. blech. i dont know whats happening with me right now. i just wish i could fast forward thru it and get to my old self again. i know its not them. its me. i just have some heavy shit going on right now.
  10. bitchy--yep. that probably should've been number one...bc yeah. i'm totally bein a beotch from hell lately. grr to that. maybe im just bored so i resort to bein that way. i dunno. need to think on that one lol.

man..i dont know if realized how negative i'm feeling..but maybe this was a good thing. recognizing you know. gotta check myself before i wreck myself!


Thursday, May 03, 2007


ok..this totally cracked me up.
check it:

Monica? We ain't got no monica! We don't need no monica! I don't have to show you any stinking monica!

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

got this one done for this weeks effer. and when i started it i didnt really start it with the intention of it being all dark and twisty. but .. thats where it went anyways. ah well. i dig how it came out. i love the color combo. :)

and i was checkin out one of my most favorite scrappers ever anilu..and here is the interview she made me::

1. Which side of the bed do you sleep on? the left. i think its the left. when i lay on the left lol

2. Favorite movie ever? pretty woman..i dont really think its the movie i love so much as it is the shopping scene. oh, and richard gere. yum.

3. How tall are you? i'm a whole whopping 5'3 lol

4. Where were you born? orange, california, and i even still have the piggy bank that was given to my mom by one of the staff nurses when i was born. hes an orange. he has an orange for a head, and an orange for his body. he actually kinda looks like a bird.

5. What would you save from a burning house? my kids. nothing else matters beyond that.

Wanna be interviewed? Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” I will respond by emailing you five questions (leave your e-mail!). I get to pick the questions. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

well i just got back from a spider man pinata quest with one of my friends from the mommy board. we must've hit up about 4 different stores. kinda fun. kinda wet bc its raining outside. i think maybe now i will scrap ;)