Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i totally forgot.

isnt that little chickie up there the cutest ever?? i love her mucho. it was hard to part with her and her 7 sisters. but hey..had to let the moms in our family know they were loved right? and who better to do that then them? seriously those stamps are gettin some mileage lately. love it.

ok so i totally forgot that laura tagged me. so im gonna do it now before i forget again, bc we know that i will.
10 weird facts about me:
  • as soon as i walk in the door at home, i have to pee. it doesnt matter if i was only gone for 5 minutes. i still have to pee. some kind of weird latch key kid thing. i dunno.
  • i make weird sighing noises whenever i put on my seatbelt, roll over in bed etc. i didnt even realize it until like a few weeks ago carolyn was laughing at me for it.
  • i'm a tapper. when i dip my fries in ketchup, i tap off the excess. when i dip my chips into dip..yep i tap. i never realized that until carolyn pointed it out. she seems to have a keen sense of observation huh?
  • before i go to bed, after i've locked all the doors and turned off the lights i go to the bathroom. not necessarily bc i have to, just habit.
  • it takes me approx. 45-60 mins to fall asleep at night. if not longer. but if i lay down during the day, it takes me about 10 minutes tops.
  • i only like to eat at restaraunts that i've eaten at before. oh, and i order the same things over and over. like if we go to the other place, i get the chicken pasta salad. always. if we hit up old spaghetti factory, its meatballs and spaghetti with thousand island dressing on the side for my salad. yep. i'm predictable. altho it does really make it hard for me to try new things lol.
  • i love hip hop/r&b but really dont like that much rap. now maybe thats not weird, but to me it is. it seems if i like one i should like the other, but i dont really.
  • if there are dishes in my sink i feel like my entire house is filthy. and if i want to cook and there are dishes in the sink, i have to wash them first.
  • for some reason, everytime me and the girls leave the house, we all seem to coordinate. i dont do it on purpose, but it happens. sometimes its really cute. and most of the time i get asked if the girls are twins.
  • when i sit down to do a lo, it takes me like 45mins to actually pick out my paper and pics, but once thats done it takes me about 10 mins to get the page together. i think that 45mins is really just me peaing.

so we started up the job charts again for the girls..and i'm hoping that it really helps. so far so good. maya of course needs more prodding. thats my girl. she likes to procrastinate.

oh, and the other day i was sitting here making those mothers day cards and remembered that i needed to do a bday card for brit, which then led me to think about what i could make her for her bday. then i realized that i have all this stinkin felt sitting here..why not sew up some barrettes? so i did. and now i'm obsessed. in fact, i even made a late night run to walmart to get a glue gun and some more felt. and can i just say that going to walmart at 11pm the day before mothers day is like going there on xmas eve?? ugh. but it was pretty worth it. i'll try to post some pics before i head out to cali this weekend. so excited and nervous eeeeeeek!!



toners said...

Gorgeous card!!! I loved the facts and - hey - I'm a "tapper" too!

Rita Weiss said...

oooo....monica! your work is lovely. and so happy you love your edge distresser too. isnt it the bestest?!! off to check out your etsy shop (my other favorite thing :-)