Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hump day

and it really feels like it. i'm like wanting this week to go by super slow bc i'm worried sick about flying out on friday. i know thats totally lame--bc i'm way stoked to see my mom and to be kid free for a few days. its just the getting there thats got me freaked. i did a bunch of laundry yesterday so i'd have some options of what to take. and the more i think about it, the more i'm scared! aaaaah! its so annoying. i dont want to be all anxious about flying. which i'm really not. its just that i'm really convinced that i'm going to get lost at LAX. oh and that i think they'll make me check my bag. which i dont want to do. why? bc then that will add one more place i have to find. lol. its so ridiculous that it makes me laugh.
and bc i'm all freaked about flying, i'm trying to occupy my time with scrapping. not really working. but can i just say how much i love poppy ink? mmm. LOVE.
so im sitting here, peaing and i came across the challenge on the GS to scrap about 3 things that dont belong on my desk. as i look around i couldnt find anything really that didnt belong. i mean i have piles. those dont belong. but that is the norm lol. under my piles i found a box of new checks that i forgot i ordered. and i found my lotion that i've been looking for for the last few days. duh. i dont know how it ended up here. but really..everything else belongs. i just wish it were in its place and not in gobs of piles in front of me.
so its nice out. like really nice. like slurpee weather. love those. maybe i'll walk the kiddies over there later to get one. but really what i want to do is scrap. i want to do this bc i have the perfect email in mind. and i want to do this bc i think i have a good pic for it. we'll see. ooh..and its soon to be kelly's bday too. so i need to get her card and schtuff together to send out tomorrow. i was kinda hoping we'd get to meet this weekend since we wont be far from eachother, but i dont know yet if we will. so weird and neat that someone i met a year ago online (2ps) has become part of my daily life. a great friend. :)


Stephanie Jedlicka said...

I LOVE the new one word thing...I was thinking about doing it, too. Such a cool idea! :)

And I LOVE that LO!!

Anilu Magloire said...

Relax... You're gonna have a great time!! Have fun :)