Monday, September 22, 2008

Missing her..

lots on my mind the last few days. Its been just over a month since
losing my mom, but it feels like an eternity. Sometimes I wish I didn't
think about it all the time--and at others, its shocking to me to
realize she's actually gone.

I went to the sb expo this weekend with some friends, and I actually
scrapped. Its been months since I've actually even felt remotely was nice to feel it again. I did a couple pages of my mom,
trying to remember the last few times we were together, how I felt and
what I miss most. In fact, one of the photos is my mom & I hugging in
the hospital--I'm so grateful that Carolyn captured it, because its the
last real hug I remember her and I sharing. I keep waiting for the pain
to lessen, and strangely it just seems to be getting more intense,
especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. I miss her so much, and
luckily I dream of her often.

Well this post seems to be a bit of a I'm off to finish
watching CSI Miami :)


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

bout time

So Maya started Kindergarten last week..and so far she loves it. I drop the girls off early so they can have breakfast at school (they get to eat with their cousins) and I also get saved the headache of telling them to hurry up and eat so we arent late :)
And lets see, the school has already called me 2x in the 1 week that Maya has been there. I always knew she'd give me a run for my money lol. The first time was because she'd had an accident (the school toilets flush super loud and it scares her), the second blessed event happened today. I was told that she had been playing and tripped on the asphalt, leaving her with a bloody nose and a pretty good gash on her scalp/forehead. Poor thing. Its been eventful to say the least!
There hasnt been much more exciting news here, except that I finally accomplished one of my goals for the new year--which was to sew some slipcovers for the pillows on my couch. I finally did it! We went to Ikea on Sunday and I found some super cute fabric, and thought, hmm..I could do this in one night, right? Oh, and without a sewing machine because those damn things intimidate me! Here is a realllly bad photo of the finished product::