Thursday, May 10, 2007

had a playdate today..and i ended being there by myself! grr. that really kinda perturbs me. i mean..i know ppl have lives and all..but one can make it? makes me feel like i have the plague lol. anyways the girls and i had a great time ..we took juice and some snacks and had a little picnic under a tree. the weather is just awesome today--i just wish my allergies would go away! i have the worst sinus headache right now. and the last cpl days i've been waking up with migranes, which i'm sure are really allergy related. blah.

i've been feeling really lazy the last few much so that i havent even done laundry yet this week..or even started working on mothers day stuff. which i really need to get hoppin on that. like today. lol.

i thought this meme looked like fun that sophia posted::


Two Names I Go by: mommy and mo. not in that order

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: pink bermuda shorts and a white tank with bling on it. love it.

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: passion and affection. mucho importante

Two of My Favorite Things to do: snug with my kids....and shop!

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: to see my mom. and to have some ice cream lol.

Two pets I have: um, do kids count? lol. right now we dont have any pets even tho i desperately want a dog. however, i dont want to clean up the art says ixnay on the dog.

Two things I did last night: made dinner..and tended to olivia while she threw up :( poor thing

Two things I ate today: a bagel turkey sandwich and some ruffles :)

Two people I just talked to last: my mom last night..and the girls today

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: going to the post office to mail my moms mothers day card...and i have no idea lol.

Two longest car rides:driving to cali to see my dad. and probably driving to mexico with my dad. i think the drive is about 54 hours long from his house to jalisco.

Two Favorite Holidays: xmas and my birthday lol. my birthday is a holiday afterall. well at least here it is :)

Two favorite beverages: dr arizona green tea. but if were talking grown up beverages i love jaeger bombs and amaretto sours.

happy thursday all! i'm anxiously counting down the hours until greys :)



claud said...

Love your blog! I hope you'll get better soon. Are you a Grey's Anatomy fan? So am I! I'm from Holland though, so you'll be a bit further along the season than I am. Are Callie and George going to be fine after George's adventure with Izzie? And is McSteamy going to last for 60 days...? I always count hours too, Grey's aires every Monday here, so still 4 days to go....

EquineSpirit said...

MMMMM...a big bowl of chocolate ice cream sure sounds good right about now! Hmmm....maybe vanilla bean...either way...YUMMY!!

Debbi said...

I am glad you had a good day even with no one showing up for the play date. I get migraines too. They seem to be fewer and further between now that I see the Chiropracter every couple of weeks. Hope you feel better. Love your blog.

beth opel said...

Hi Monica! Love your positive outlook! Grey's is getting SO GOOD! Hope your Mother's Day was happy!