Thursday, May 24, 2007

say what?

so i've been safely home since monday night..and man. did things ever change over night. my mom called me tuesday afternoon bc she had an appt. with her oncologist about the pathology reports on her tumor.
i knew it was bad by the sound of her voice. but i wasn't expecting what she told me. the dr told her they were wrong. she didnt have ovarian cancer. never did. she has LUNG CANCER. and it spread to her ovaries. they are guessing that she is in the beginning of stage 4. the reason they are 'guessing' is bc they started her chemo yesterday. they are doing a very aggressive treatment and want to get thru it before they stop to do a biopsy. they are really hoping that chemo will shrink the mass in her lung--and will not spread to her brain. but again, we wont know for about a month at least.
anyways..its in god's hands. i was so sad that i couldnt be there with her for her first chemo treatment. but she was super positive about it..and not nearly as scared as i was.

so now about my trip--i didnt throw up on the airplane, so that was awesome lol. but i can honestly tell you that i would be perfectly happy with my life if i never had to fly again! seriously. so lets mom lives in this town called san miguel. and its super small. they are 'famous' for the san miguel mission, which is just beautiful!! and old. i loved that. took lots of pics. oh and i've been so lazy that most of them are some of them are crappy. and others i think are just gorgeous :)

this is what you see when you first drive into the town off the freeway.

so this place is pretty old..and monks still live there! would've been cool to be able to go inside, but being that it was sunday they were in the middle of mass. so we just walked around the outside, and then my mom took me over to the cemetary where they bury the monks and i think some fathers (priests) have been buried there too. i got these shots of the cemetary::

some of these arent so good bc i was on the other side of the wall. but i think most came out pretty good. oh, and we went to morro bay..but i'll save those for another post..dont want blogger to kick me out for posting too many pics lol.
so thats it for now..i'm gonna try to clean up this mess on my desk..and maybe even scrap.


Eminepala said...

OH MY... How awful...
your mother will be in my prayers.. I hope she will be ok...

And gorgeous pics girl... But I'm thinking of your mother right now...


Tara said...

Sending good-thought-shrink-the-tumor vibes to your mother... and strength thoughts to you.

Francine said...

So sorry Monica. Sending you lots of hugs and good vibes for your Mom.

Starlight said...

Monica I'm so sorry to hear this,I'm sending my best vibe to shrink this tumor!
super hugs dear

Anilu Magloire said...

Hope everything goes well for your mom. You both will be in my prayers.