Friday, May 18, 2007

i'm leavin on a jet plane...

yep. i'm almost all packed. just need to get my toiletries packed up. i love saying that word. like it almost makes me feel grown up.hehe.

the girls are having a playdate right now so i thought i'd take this
quiet moment to post quickly before i'm off :)

i did this thinger the other day that like distorts/morphs your face..i can't remember what site it was. i should've saved it duh. BUT i did save
the pics to share with you lovlies.
the one up top is me as an ape. gotta love it. i'm actually kinda
cute as an ape, no?

this one is of me as a cartoon. i dig it. i sometimes wish my eyes were that big. certainly would take the focus off of my triple chins!

and i actually really like this one. i look so purdy.

good lord this one is ugly. its me old. but really..its just plain scary. for reals.

ok so thats it for me today. see ya'll next week!!



Allison said...

Okay, the ape one is hilarious!!! The third one is so beautiful!!!

Becca said...

Those are cracking me up! I like the third one the best. : )


Anilu Magloire said...

LOL! Those pics are way freaky....

Rita Weiss said...

Monica..those are sooo freaky (!!) What is the site? I wanna be an ape. lol!

Mandy said...

OMG those are funny and scary at the same time..I'm not sure if I want to see myself old or as an ape...LOL :)