Wednesday, May 30, 2007

feelin like the ick..

blech. thats how i've been feeling since i got back from cali.
and my mojo is still freakin no where to be found. i hate that.
bc i have this want. this urge to like make something...but i just
cant. and when i try it comes out looking like crap. luckily i squeezed
out that lo up there and i actually kinda digged it. but that could be
more that i liked the person in the pic than the actual lo. do you ever get like that? seems to be happening so much to me lately where i'm just
not satisfied with my work. sigh.

in other news olivia's last day of school is friday! i can't wait to sleep in
till 8. can i get a HOLLA! seriously. sleep is mucho precious to me and i
feel like i get so little.

and ooh yeah. ikea opened here last week. hell yes. i've been of course
salivating over their website for years, but have never stepped foot
into one until last sunday. and man. seriously. the textiles area was
like a feast for my eyes. not so much for my wallet lol. got a few cute things like throw pillows and slipcovers, an apron and some mirrors.
not much else that we 'needed' at the time ha! but i'll be back. oh yes.
bc they have the most awesomest little playroom for the kiddies. and
the girls loved it. now thats what i call shopping!

ok well i'm off to do the laundry thats been screaming at me since i came
home from cali...i've been ignoring it so well, however art is not appreciating that one little bit. ugh. but to wear clean undies IS important so off i go.

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