Friday, August 31, 2007

yeah..we game.

this is how maya spends her morning while i work. she looks quite comfy, doesnt she? sometimes i feel guilty that she spends part of the morning playing with the gameboy so that i can work..but i figure an hour of games wont do her much harm. besides, we all game, right? i know my family does. art has his ps2--which i know he'd love a ps3--but at 599, that aint gonna happen for a while! and for my birthday last month, art bought me a pink DS. i love it. its fun to cozy up in bed, him playing god of war, and me playing cake mania lol.

today is orientation for maya's preschool..and then scenes like the one above won't be happening. she'll be spending 2.5 hours learning, singing and playing! she can't wait...and neither can i :)
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Anilu Magloire said...

I agree, nothing bad with a little play!

Jenni said...

Cute picture.... I think that you are a great Mommy to your two cute girls. I usually have to get my work in and lose out on some sleep of my own. :)

How did preschool go?

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