Friday, September 07, 2007


i was on a scrapping frenzy the other day. i think i did like 5 lo's in one day! which, for me is a lot, but then i add in the fact that i havent really been scrapping that much to begin with, and then add in that i was doing them all the day before they were due. craziness i tell ya. but i did get all my darejacks done, so i was happy :) that one up there is the amberjack and i really love it. i've never scrapped about that before and it felt pretty good--plus i put those pics to good use i think!

so yesterday we took the girls to the fair, it was opening day so it was only 2 bucks a person, and kids under 5 are free ::yay::
but i have to admit that i was feeling kinda bummed bc art couldnt get off work early and we didnt get there until like 7:30; so i figured we wouldnt be able to look at much stuff or have the kids go on many rides. turns out, we were able to do all that we wanted and we were home before 10! lol. i think thats a record, and i even got a carmel apple and some cotton candy, 2 must haves from the fair. the only bad thing that happened, is that, in typical monica fasion, i forgot my freakin camera. yeah. not so cool. but whatev. i took some pics on my cell, and they sucked lol.

today its lookin pretty nice outside--its been crazy windy, rainy the last few days, totally bringing on the fall weather, which i love. feels like heaven outside. and lucky for me, its arts 5 days off this weekend, so maybe we'll even head out to the greek festival..cross your fingers i can convince him ;)

so happy friday and weekend...and dont forget to check out the dares, (no link for them bc their site is down.) bc LSS starts today! and check out bad girls kits bc they have the top designer competition going too! busy weekend!



*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

hey monana...i am loving this weather too! feels so freakin nice! it's awesome to be able to walk around the house without my clothes sticking to my body and/or feeling like i'm about to pass out from the heat! lol

Anilu Magloire said...

Monana?!?!? I am LOL!!

I loved all your darejacks. You are on fire, girl!!

Rachael said...

Really, really love this layout!!