Tuesday, June 13, 2006

its hot man!!

seriously..its been freakin hot here lately. and then, this one time, at band camp... jk!! really tho, it got all windy tonight and then cooled way the heck down *yippee* too hot. kids wont go outside. they complain about the heat. then it cools down. kids complain its too cool. yup, just like their momma!! lol.

did a couple of LO's today for some challenges on the 2ps. i'm not super thrilled with either of them, but i'm totally happy that i did the challenges, cuz it was fun!

so i realized today that father's day is this weekend. um ya. i suck. lol. i dont have any clue as to what to do for art. i mean, i'll prob make him a card, of which he'll read and then put in his drawer, never to be seen again. lol. i'd love to get him something..but what? i already bought him some rum..he bought himself some new headphones for the nano...olivia suggested a video game, but for one, they cost a heck of alot of moolah. and two, i don't know what game he wants. probably one that is like a bazillion $$. well at least i have a couple more days to figure it out!! lol.


Colleen said...

how about a book about the kids? do you have enough to do an abc album about him being such a great father? ali e made a cool fathers day album on her blog.

i made my dad a little accordian card for the USMC with the marine corps hymn. it only took a 12x12 page of card stock folded a funky way to make the card. pretty easy.

Tiare said...

Nice layouts! Cute kids.