Monday, June 12, 2006

yo its monday monday monday!!

do i sound excited for monday? ya, i kinda did and i dont know why! oh wait. i remember, cuz i got my June kit today!! yummy yum! had to wait till tonight to do a LO tho, because i ran out of adhesive! well, actually, i didnt run out of adhesive so much as i bought the un-refillable kind, duh!! so had to run to WM to pick one up so i could get some scrappin done!! wahooozle.

so, theres a challenge on the GS board over at 2ps for latina peas...and so i thought it would be cool to join it. i'm excited :D so here's my first lo for the challenge. the title is 'i am latina' and then my journaling is as follows: 'i am passionate. i am funny. i am sexy. i am a wife. i am a mother. i am a daughter. most importantly, i am a woman.'

the journaling had a lot to do with a convo on the mb about there not being much diversity in the sb industry. being latina has influenced a lot of my life of course, but its not the only thing that defines me. i am proud to be latina, just as i am proud to be american, just as i am proud to be a woman. i was really saddened by what i read on the see so much close mindedness. but thats reality i suppose, and all one can do is to just keep talking about it.

the subject of race has always been a hard one for me to have, as i am not one particular race. i'm half mexican, half white. but if you break it down, i'm like spanish, mexican, polish, german and lord knows what else, just like everyone else on this planet. i've always identified myself as being hispanic..even tho i grew up with a white mother; i haven't spoken spanish since i was very small. because i dont speak it my dad and i dont have a relationship. its a very touchy subject for me.

i believe we all have so much to learn from one another--why do we have to shut others out?? it makes no sense to me. i wish i saw more LO's in sb mags about different diverse men and women. i know someday it will happen. we just all have to keep submitting submitting submitting! show those mags we got what it takes to be pub'd and we are a growing part of the sb community!

holy long post batman!! lol. i'll step off my soapbox for now ;)


Francine said...

AMEN! You know I agree with you totally :) I adore that photo of you and the layout is da bomb! You rock chica!

Colleen said...

so you have my mojo, eh?

you are so right
i feel the same way about that mb post.
love this page girl!

much rockin over here

Keianna said...

Great page Monica, love the photo and the journaling. I also think your statement about diversity is on point. Great job representing who you are.

Anonymous said...

I am lovin' this page! And what a powerful statement to go along with it. I love the mb but sometimes they are so *wrong*. KWIM??

your secret sista