Sunday, June 11, 2006

sunday sunday

always a relaxing lazy day around here. and i love it that way :) took the girls to the church carnival and they had a blast riding on the rides. and me being the brilliant mom that i am--left the camera at home! duh. then afterwards we took them to the gateway to play in the fountains there. maya luuurved it of course, while olivia seems to be afraid of water lol. go figure. the kid begs to play in the sprinklers at home, yet you take her out specifically to play in water and she refuses. yup, mind boggling.

i only got one LO done today..but oh well, thats better than none! i'm not sure that tomorrow will be any better as we're expecting some company for the afternoon...but we'll see.

i'm also hoping to start getting up earlier..I feel like i'm sleeping my life away. well, actually i am. lol. its a vicious cycle i tell ya! I can't sleep at night, so I stay up late, usually peaing, then get to bed around 2..toss and turn till about 3:30 then wake up around 9:30 with the kiddos. When art is home he'll let me sleep in till the sun goes down! i know he's trying to help and be nice, but honestly the only way i seem to be able to wake up is if the kids are jumping on me!! isnt that horrible? i think it is. and its got to change. i just dont know how to get out of this funk. its wearing on me.

peace out!


Francine said...

love this layout! the buttons in a circle is genius!

Keianna said...

Great LO. My husband has insomnia also, so we cut back on sugars a couple hours before bed and try to get in more activity, so you feel like you need to rejuvenate. Hope you figure it out.