Wednesday, July 11, 2007

its been a while since I updated! geesh. I don't think I even realized how long it'd been lol. I think I got thrown off with the mid-week holiday, and then Art had a 5 day holiday after that! Can you imagine having 5 days off in a row? I thought I was going to pull my hair out at one point. Anyways, he's back to work today, and so now I'm working on getting back on schedule =)

I posted some new work over at Crop Addict using the July mid-month kit. It was totally fun and I got lots of stuff done; definitely go check it out! Besides doing those little projects, I haven't really scrapped..I hate feeling like blah! I even went and picked up the new funky vintage line by Making Memories..and its cute and all, just not really inspiring me to bust anything out.

Anyways, I was tagged by Jocelynne like ages I'm gonna do that now =) My 7 randoms::

  1. I usually count down my starting in March. some ppl find that annoying, but whatev! its my birthday and it makes me happy. so 13 days and counting!
  2. my girls usually take baths everyday..but not to get clean lol. they take baths to play. for hours. ahhh. i love my free time!
  3. its pretty rare that i do a layout without my computer on. usually thats because i'm listening to itunes and chatting with kelly.
  4. speaking of kelly..she and i talk almost everyday. we've never met in person, but we've been talking for over a year and half online =)
  5. I never watch tv during the day. even tho its usually on for the girls. they like pbs kids. but when it comes to night time, i'm on it like blue bonnet.
  6. we dont have cable, sad i know. so to get my reality tv fix, i usually watch mtv or vh1 online.
  7. since we dont have cable, you can imagine the amount of infomercials i watch on the weekend. so last week i saw the one for the "Weight Loss Cure" by Kevin Trudeau. He had me sold. Seriously. And then, I went to Amazon to check it out, and read the reviews. yeah. I'm glad I read those. I dont like ppl who lie..but i know that a lot of ppl do to sell their product.

so anyways..those are my randoms. and if you're reading this...consider yourself tagged =)



Anilu Magloire said...

LOOOOVE the page! I also have the Mac on when I scrap :)
I missed you...

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

hey! glad you're back! i was getting worried!

Nura Keif said...

Gorgeous layout!!