Tuesday, June 12, 2007

summer boredom already??

its that time of year again. carolyn sitting at my house being bored. i mean, not that we dont have great convo, bc we do. but then i think 'hmm..time to pull out the cam!' and yeah. she hates that. mostly bc i take a bunch of random pics of her and wont let her take any of me. bwaahahah. i'm just evil that way. and i dont feel comfortable in front of the camera--actually thats an understatement. i HATE being in front of it lol. i need to lose like 1 million gagillion pounds, and then i think i will feel better about it.
anyways, the girls are outside enjoying the mild weather, its like 78ish right now. but tomorrow should be closer to 90. yep. time to fill up the pool again. i'm sitting here bored out of mind. and not bc i dont have things to do, bc i certainly always have laundry. blah!
so heres my list of movies that i could watch over and over and over..
  • return to me--love love the music in this one. such a sweet and funny love story
  • coyote ugly--i love the music in this one too
  • when harry met sally--hello, classic!
  • pretty in pink--bc i was an 80's child and molly ringwald rocks my world.
  • the holiday--this one is kinda newer. but i've rented it like 3 times already bc i love it so mucho. and yeah, jude law doesnt hurt either.
  • pretty in pink--julia roberts+richard gere+shopping=perfection!
  • the goonies--fave kid movie ever possibly. and my kids dig it too

and now..i might go unpack my scrap stuff from the crop i went to on friday. i'm thinking 4 days of it sitting in my totes by my desk might be long enough; but my area looks really clean, and i really dig that lol.



Anilu Magloire said...

I totally forgot Return To Me!! I LOVE that movie. Good list indeed :)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

dude, this is scary...some of those are my faves too! I cried at the end of RTM! Oh my GOD! And David Duchovny is such a freakin hottie! But that's for another day! And hello, Andrew McCarthy! Do you think he's still hot as he's older...I do! lol Great list Monica!!!

Have you been to Heartland lately? It's a MESS! They're reorganizing again and I hate that! So they had a bunch of crap in this very back room, which I didn't even know existed! Ugh! And the chic made it clear that customers aren't allowed back there, then she didn't even let me look for what I was looking for! I was like, I don't care about your business crap, you have product back here, hello! Anyway, I got some good stuff for Happy Mail packets, so be on the lookout, ok? Nothing major, but some fun things I know I'd love to get! lol TTYL!

april said...

ooooh, i love return to me! I didn't think anyone still remembered that movie. glad you did!