Saturday, June 09, 2007

the farmers market.

love this time of year. lots of little things to go do on the i met up with some mommies to check out the farmers market that just opened this weekend. it was a perfect morning =)
here are some of pics of what we saw::

i think we could've had a better time if::

  • the girls werent afraid of clowns on stilts
  • olivias tummy wasnt upset
  • i had brought a bag to carry all of our stuff

but at least now i know. oh yeah. and make sure that the girls pee before we leave the house. oh how i hate public restrooms. and the worst part about that is that this park, when not hosting the farmers market, is very well known for being the local transient/drug dealing/have no home area. yeah. but when the market is there its nice. is it funny that i have no pics of actual food?? i wanted to take some pics of some lovely arugala, but i kinda felt weird. plus it was super ass crowded. oh, and my hands were freaking full. duh monica. next time take a bag!!

ooh and i had a delish little coconut cupcake. like a mini size cupcake with like a foot of frosting. maybe it wasnt a foot, but it sure did taste like it. it was soo good. and i also got a chocolate mocha one for later; check this puppy out:

doesnt she look delish? yep. i'm saving her for my middle of the afternoon, mommy needs a moment all to herself, please leave me alone for 2 seconds to think 'time'. lol.


Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, I'm so jealous :) I love those markets.
Great pics and your cupcake looks delish. Enjoy!!

Nicole said...

ummmm...yeah. it looks SUPER delish!!

looks like a fun place to those kinds of places =)